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  1. BanditX2, was the 20 amp controller easy to install. Did you have to change out any of the connectors, or did go smoothly?
  2. I ordered my fat bike in mid May 2016. I wanr to oreder LCD, I believe I ordered during Kickstarter campaign, but not for certain. Any help?
  3. My throttle stopped working, I noticed that the line leading into throttle had pulled out, pushed it in and all was well.
  4. The pedal assist is wonderful. I broke my kneecap recently and couldn't really use a standard bike. With pedal assist it is just the right help, and a 5-6 mile ride is a good workout for 63 yr old out of shape retired guy. People always comment on big tires.
  5. The battery indicator on throttle seems pretty self explanatory, yet I get green when not pressing throttle, then throttle and green goes off. Back to green when let off throttle. Can someone explain this?
  6. Thank you for your answer. So if I slow charge after each ride I won't damage battery.
  7. Does this battery have memory? Or, can you recharge at any level of discharge?
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