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  1. robert

    Studded tires?

    try the fb son does storm owners page, I believe we had this question and someone had mounted studded tires with great success.
  2. Welcome to SONDORS, I know of no way to change the suspension fork height unless you go to a low profile tire. You might address this question to the sondors storm owners f/b page. again ENJOY THE RIDE!
  3. robert


  4. robert

    THIN assembly... extra screws?

    Just extra screws, you can bend the kickstand out to allow more lean, just do it a small amount.
  5. robert

    How far can you go?

    You Bad!
  6. robert

    Customer Service???

    Yes CS is difficult to receive a response from but we are seeing better results. You should post on the 'thin owner's' page on f/b someone will be glad to assist you.
  7. robert

    THIN Review

    Glad you guys are happy!
  8. robert

    Not a rider - YET

    I'm sure the Thin can be easily modified to fit a 5' framed person. Until the delivery everyone is in the dark.
  9. robert

    Backlight in Panel

    Hold down top button down 3-5 seconds on pas console, light will remain on.
  10. robert

    Another Newbie Here

    Cool, glad you're here!
  11. robert

    Another Newbie Here


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