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  1. Looking to buy one of these: Anyone know the handlebar diameter, and the stem clamping width? Thanks!
  2. I need help in setting the speedometer correctly on my Fat XS. I first set it to the recommended setting and the speed was off by 16%. I then set it at largest wheel diameter and now I'm off 8%. I'm using my original sondors fat and the waze app to check speed.
  3. Anybody know what the AL Sensitivity option in the XS (KD-718) color LCD means?
  4. Anybody had any luck with an after market kick stand for either the thin or Fat?
  5. Ya-Man

    my U.K Sondors

    What was your painting process and type of paint?
  6. Yea no problem at all. You just need to make sure you have enough space on the seat post so the clamp can do it's thing!
  7. So Awesome! Go down the Steepest hill you can! And come out Smiling a mile wide! Happy for you! Riiide On!
  8. Ya-Man


  9. I ended up getting the Spin Doctor Pro G3 work Stand. Awesome! Lightweight and portable. Strong enough to hold my fatty with ease an or course the Thinny!
  10. Need Bike Repair Stand for Sondor's Fat & Thin Looking to buy a Bike Work Stand For both a Fat & Thin. Our bikes seem to not fit "regular bike work stands".
  11. It was a bad controller. Sondors sent me a NEW one but it took a month to get it and installed and able to ride again!
  12. I have the same issue as Mh0. My fat quick working after a rainy ride home while on my trailer. I put controller in rice bag for 3 days. Disconnected all wires to let dry out for 5 days. I also have a thin and tried the fat's lcd and throttle on the thin and the bike worked. I reconnected everything and get the same response. Throttle lights and lcd seems to work but I get error code 6 sometimes 1. I hear a little jump at the rear hub sometimes then Basically nothing. PA does not work either. Any good advice? Did you Mh0 get your bike working? We have had unworldly humid July-Aug in NC. I brought the bike inside to see if that would help.
  13. Very good advice. Am I to understand that there is only One connector outside the box?
  14. Thanks so much for the info. 2 more Q's: Is the spacer a hollow tube? If so I should be using a 3/4 inch screw/bolt?
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