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  1. To document what happened here for the benefit of the Sonders Thin community, I eventually was able to speak with a Sonders tech and the reason my pedal assist was not working was due to the fact that the sensing disk on the pedal side of the chain sprocket was too far away from the sensor. I used a flat blade screw driver to move this black plastic disk just a bit closer to the bike frame (<1/8 of an inch) and the pedal assist started to function normally. If you have a similar problem this could be the fix for you also. Chris
  2. Just wanted to follow up on this with the group. I have finally gotten a response from Sondors and we are now communicating about the problem with my wife's Thin. I don't really know if it had an influence or not, but I did bring up this problem on the Sondors Facebook page and things seem to start happening after that? Don't know if that is a coincidence or if mentioning my problem in this more public forum got things rolling in my direction. Worth a try if your not getting a timely response from the zendesk. In my situation it was 22 days (July 21 - Aug 12) before I received a response.
  3. My wife's new Thin doesn't have a working pedal assist function. We have the LCD display and when she pedals the bike it shows no power flowing to the motor. It does register however when she depresses the throttle. The display accurately shows speed, battery life and braking. Other than checking all the connections, is there anything else I can do? I suspect the controller is bad and my emails to the zendesk get no response. Suggestions?
  4. So I've had occasion to contact Sonders a couple of times and it seems to take a long time for a response. Is this the price we pay for getting e-bikes at the price we do? I always receive their automated response that says they don't reply to emails??? If this is the case, why even have an email address?? I have a problem with my wife's recently purchased Thin that seems to be a controller issue which I sent Sonders an email about on July 21st and have yet to hear anything. Does anyone have any tips as to how I can get a response from Sonders? Thanks! "Hello - Thank you for contacting Team Go Sondors! Please note this is an automated response and we will not be replying to individual emails. However, we’ve setup two very helpful websites for you:...."
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