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  1. Thanks! I will be buying today! I am looking at the RA-5 rack with either the bag in the Amazon review from Bassocantor (IB-BA1) or the one with the expandable panniers (IB-BA14) which seems like a good option for extra storage when needed, and is actually $2 less in price. Anyone have any comments or thoughts that might help me choose? Also, from the Amazon review, Bassocantor said he got some "extra hardware" from the manufacturer to make this work on his fat bike. Do I need to order anything extra? Thanks, Rob
  2. Hey Kriss, I just noticed this FreedomPop deal over at Slickdeals: FreedomPop has a deal for their Global GSM 3-in-1 SIM Kit + Global Unlimited Talk, Text, and 1GB Data Trial + Premier Service Trial + 2200 mAh Powerbank + Selfie Stick for $0.99. Shipping is free I'm not super-smart on this stuff, but I would like to see about using Freedompop for bike tracking as well. From what I can tell by the discussion there, it looks like this can be downgraded to the free 200mb/month free plan, with extra data allowance for adding friends. Apparently there are lots of pitfalls about signing up...FreedomPop seems to try and sneak in a lot of extra charges/fees if you are not super careful when you order. I might just pull the trigger and see how it goes...
  3. Hi! Wondering if you got your 560G lock yet, and if you have any impressions? Did you need 2 for the Fat Bike or was one good enough? I'm looking hard at the foldylock or Bordo Folding lock, but intrigued by the 560G lighter weight. Thanks, Rob
  4. Received my THIN last month, rode it about 2 miles before rear tire leak. Pulled off the wheel and found the tube had punctured on the inside (toward the rim). Pulled the tube/tire off and found the cheap blue plastic/rubber rim tape they used was not covering the spoke holes in the rim in 14 different places. Talked to my local bike dealer, bought two rolls of Velox rim tape (16mm) for $5 each and installed myself. Also bought 3 inner tubes with much thicker walls (SUNLITE thorn resistant 700x35-43, 27x1-3/8, part #63403), two to replace both front and back and one as a spare for $12 each. The Schrader valve stems are only 48 mm, so I had to get two metal valve extenders as well. These thicker tubes have a higher rolling resistance which will likely affect performance, but hopefully will save me from needing to change a flat at the most inconvenient time. Hooked up the THIN LCD display from Sondors and took it for a test ride starting with full charge with pedal assist level 3. I forgot to bring my phone to cross-check results, so these are all from the display readings only. I weigh 230lbs and carried no other load. The terrain was flat (Florida) with many long stretches and few stop/starts. Ran the battery dead at 17.4 miles after about 70 minutes continuous riding. I would guess I pedaled (assisted) 35% of the time, most of the rest was full throttle. LCD reported 15.1MPH avg, 20.4MPH top speed, but that was only achieved at the beginning of the ride: through the remaining first half of the ride I could only get around 18 MPH max. Ambient temp started at 96 deg (F) and was 100 deg (F) by the end of the ride. Measured temps with a laser thermometer: battery case 107 deg (F) and motor 104 deg (F) at their hottest points. Immediately began charging battery, but battery case temp still dropped to ambient after 15 minutes of charging. The LCD display showed one bar at about 10 miles, so I thought I was in trouble. Display showed zero battery at 12 miles. I continued running it out at full throttle with very little peddling to find the true bottom and got an additional 5 miles out of it at 15-16 MPH right up until it cut off and displayed a blinking empty battery symbol. So, the battery meter was not very accurate in this test: nearly one-third of the range was still available after the battery meter showed the battery as empty. Maybe that is by design to caution you about low power reserve, but it's kind of a useless mind-trick like purposely setting your clock 5 minutes ahead so you won't be late. For me the handlebars are not in a terribly comfortable position: I wonder if there is an after-market alternative? My wrists and hands were sore from being in an unnatural position. It didn't help that I don't have the front shock absorbing forks. Next I want to test the THIN out on the beach at low tide to see how the thinner tires will perform on sand, or if it will be a waste of time. Original fat bike I ordered in March hopefully will be arriving soon, followed by the Wave bike with a bigger motor and possibly better riding comfort.
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