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  1. Are they correct bafang connectors is my concern. In some images I've seen for replacement Sondors brakes they look like two pin connectors not three pin
  2. That's my fault for not being clear. Have the adapters on order. Wasn't sure if I needed to do any other modifications to fit 203s on the Thin
  3. Looking into upgrading my Thin to Shimano Deore hydraulic brakes. Does anyone know if the Bafang mid drive brake control cables are compatible with the hub motor cables on stock Sondors controller? http://m.ebay.com/itm/172200387169?_trkparms=aid=222007&algo=SIC.MBE&ao=1&asc=20150313114020&meid=25413d4115f74cbabb36bce7e02f657f&pid=100338&rk=3&rkt=15&sd=331976394152&_trksid=p2141725.c100338.m3726&_mwBanner=1 Thought these looked like a good deal for hydraulic upgrade. While still maintaining Ice Tech comparable for the Ice tech rotors and pads
  4. Did you have to do any frame or fork modifications to fit the 203 rotors front and rear?
  5. Hmm. Thanks @Tabletteer was just curious as I work out advantages of future upgrade plans. I may just do a dynamo hub later on to power my cellular devices for long rides
  6. Hi all, Im getting into upgrading my new Sondors Thin and as I've been working on upgrading to 180 rotors I came up with a question, can a front dynamo hub be used to charge an electric bike battery? Even to slow its charge loss through riding. And if so could a stock Sondors electrical assembly be modified to use such a customization? Just reaching out cause I haven't heard of anything like this before and I know there's some hardcore modded on here
  7. That's what I was thinking. I have a decent pair of Specialized leather Clipless I picked up at a Savers that I can wear to work then toss in my teacher bag until it's time to head to my college classes. And with the 500 ft climb up and down my rides around town is like the extra help in my movements
  8. Hey there Sondors owners, Anybody out there doing Clipless pedals? I'm modding my Aluminum Fatty with Clipless/platform combo Shimano pedals when it arrives. Am curious if anyone else is already using anything but platforms on their own Sondors. Opinions?
  9. Where and how is you order an upgraded Thin???
  10. Has anybody checked out the Echelon from Specialized? https://www.specialized.com/us/en/helmets/road/echelon/105238 Heard they're on sale and they look pretty sweet
  11. Just wondering as I examine reviews on the two aluminum Sondors bikes what are the advantages vs disadvantages over each other? The biggest I'm aware of is the Thins weight at 47 vs the 56/59 on the aluminum fattie. And the lack of an upgrade battery or suspension for the Thin. Any input from owners on both is welcome
  12. Thanks Tabletter, thats part of why I want to upgrade. This is going to be my only vehicle most of the year when I get it so I'm considering all the mods for the long haul usage. Brakes, street tires, lights etc. I think I'll go with 180mm Shimano as that's what I have on my current upgraded old mountain bike and they hold up great with little noise.
  13. Hi all, Im debating on how to upgrade my fattie when it arrives next year and a big one I hear on a lot of reviews of the Sondors is that the 160mm is just ok. I'm looking into how to upgrade them to 180mm Shimano rotors after it arrives. Has anyone else made this kind of upgrade? Is it worth the investment of the $200 to make the brakes stop on a dime for a city rider? I'll be riding in shared city streets on my ride Thanks all!
  14. Hi all, I'm Lyndon and I found out about Sondors after seeing one at a local music event in my city that a guy was kind enough to explain and let me ride his sweet black fattie original. Have been hooked on getting my own since. Have been saving for three months and only $320 to my goal of $955 to buy the custom fattie original. Hope to order by this April. Im looking to use mine as my sole commuter from home, to the schools I teach, to my college where I'm working on my first BA degree, and home. Really wish I could order sooner, but I'm working to earn that sweet custom to get me
  15. After reading over the site for it I think I'm in love with that gearbox?. If it's as good of quality as it poses once it's on the market I have to get me one. Too bad I won't have my Custom Fat Bike until late September
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