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  1. I completely agree with using this $12 countdown timer from Amazon as above. You plug it in there and set it with the appropriate amount of time, figure 2 amp hours charging per hour and forget it. I have a Sondors then 36 for all 8.8 amp hour Panasonic and so far, knock on wood, no problems. after 1600 miles and multiple recharging's. I'm interested in getting a 36 V, 3A ( 3amp hour per hour charger), for a potential road trip so that I can take it with me on an extended multi day road trip and charge my E bike 50% faster, theoretically. Does anyone have any specific experience/r
  2. I have a personal articles rider policy for my Sondors thin bike coverage rider, with a $700 policy for $66 a year which I got from Geico, as an addendum to my travelers homeowners policy, which is linked to Geico, which includes theft, collision, etc., with only a $5 deductible. I totally agree with using common sense when locking up your bike with a U lock or something similar and not keeping it overnight in any dangerous places, etc.
  3. I wonder f the chain is the same size, strength, durability as the chain on the single speed Sondors thIn. I have a Sondors thin, single speed and the chain looks thicker than my other chains on my giant Road bike, etc. and it has lasted me without any difficulties. I've been reading about some chain issues with E bikes and derailleurs.
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  5. William, Can you give a follow up on 1. exactly how you wired these 2 reserve batteries, charge them and and connected them when using 2. How this 'experiment' is working so far for a Sondors thin reserve battery pack, any issues, reserve battery range, etc 3.Link to where you bought them and other connectors. Any issues in getting them delivered ( I've heard lots of stories about hassles wrt delivery on Li Ion batteries? Thanks !!
  6. I'm pretty certain that many of these flats are due to the crappy plastic inner liner that comes with the OEM bike. I had a front tire flat today for that reason , just like my back tire flat last week( it was on the valve side and the bike store showed me where an exposed hole in the tire tire caused the flat). Now I've replaced both the front and back tire inner liners with a quality inner liner ( like velox). It's shameful that Sondors should do this. Flat tires are the bane of bicycles, especially this type of bike. I would have happily paid more $ for a quality in
  7. I didn't measure the holes, and they were not all of the same size. The key point is that the OEM inner liner is barely wide enough to cover all of the holes, and only if placed "perfectly'. The velox tape was much thicker ,wider,lays down better and easier to cover all the holes ( I don't know what the exact width was, I think 16mm , but not sure. I took a quick look at your cross bar adapter, it's cheaper tha the one I bought , but I'd worry about it failing especially with these heavier Sondors bikes ( a few of the reviews noted that it failed,or scratched up the bike.) Be very su
  8. I've had my thin about 6 wks now and I agree with everyone- getting a flat , esp on the rear is a bitch. So I had my local bike shop put in a pair of Tiffy liners . Ironically, the next day I got a a flat on the rear tire and didn't have the right wrench to undo the rear , so had to call my wife to pick me up and bring the bike home . I then took it to Community Cycles ( we're blessed here in Boulder with a large community bike repair co-op, loaded with tools, stands, space, and most of all, a large group of bike enthusiast volunteers and a circulating bike repair Pro to help all of the
  9. Hi group, what is your take on the 72 hour offering for the sunsondoors extra battery for $199? Anybody have strong opinions about it one way or the other? does anyone know specs on weight and comparison of this battery with other batteries out in the market?
  10. Hi Andi, What about upgrades that work/have been tested with the Sondors thin bike ? Thanks, Boulderite
  11. Thanks, Electrified:Exactly how does one order the THIN bike replacement inner tubes, are they schrader long stems ,what's the total cost, are they puncture resistant,etc. I couldn't find them at gosondors.com. I'm interested in learning everything I can prophylactically,to Avoid having to change a flat tire on this bike, especially the rear tire. I've read that some of the bikes have a paltry/minimal protective inner rim lining and that this causes some of the flats. I've also read something about using gorrilla tape as an added layer for puncture resistance, and perhaps also if
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