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  1. Electrified

    Dickie Bills

  2. Originally the bike was around $700, shipping included. Hope this helps!
  3. Electrified

    Non Hitch Bicyle Transport Rack

    Twin Thins in the back of our Toyota FJ Cruiser using Saris traps, destination Wolf Lake, Indiana. And our other two-wheel diversion.
  4. Electrified

    Why Performance Mods are a Bad Idea

    Plus if you hit something like a car or truck going fifty miles an hour and you don't have insurance, you're on the hook for any damage.
  5. Electrified

    Updates on Sondors Fold

    The Fold is interesting to me because I can fit two of them in the back of my SUV. However, I just purchased two Thins and I'm trying to think of a way to make them fit. Any suggestions?
  6. Electrified

    Today is the day!

    Be sure to tip the driver!
  7. Electrified

    Sondors Fold

    Sondors Fold Does anyone know what the price of the new Sondors Fold is going to be?
  8. Electrified

    Post a picture and your favorite bicycle quote

    "Pedaling is much more efficient when you’re wearing a bowtie." Pee Wee Herman
  9. I think the field is a little crowded right now for an electric car, or even for a three-wheeled car. I would be more interested in a two-wheeled version, such as an enclosed electric motorcycle.
  10. Electrified

    THIN - No tape in front wheel = flat tire

    Still looking for an answer. Can the new rim tape go right over the original plastic tape?
  11. Electrified

    tire pressure

    When you replace the liner, do you plan to remove the stock liner or leave it there as an added layer of protection?
  12. Electrified

    THIN inner tube

    I bought the inner liner today. Should I remove the original liner, or leave it there for extra protection?
  13. Electrified

    THIN inner tube

    Another blow-out today, same rear tire. Obviously I have not found a fix.
  14. Remember, technically you're not buying a bike. You're making a donation and the bike is a bonus.
  15. Electrified

    tire pressure

    What pressure would you recommend for the THIN?

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