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  1. SELLER'S NOTE: I'm getting an error when I try to upload images to this page, so I am linking the Craigslist ad which has the pictures of the bike. https://losangeles.craigslist.org/lac/bik/d/los-angeles-sondors-thin-electric/6972293198.html I purchased this bicycle as part of Sondors' Indiegogo campaign. This bicycle has served me as reliable daily transportation and has 2k miles on the odometer. While it does show minor signs of wear (minor scratches, wear on seats/grips, and some yellowing of battery box), it is still a clean and very good-looking bike that runs reliably, strong, and true.I've put a number of modifications to the bicycle over the years including:Official SONDORS LCD displayOfficial SONDORS spring fork203mm front disc rotor (includes new caliper bracket)203mm rear disc rotor (includes new caliper bracket)3-speed cassette (no derailleur included)56T crankset (includes new nickel-plated chain)BMX handlebarsBMX riserBMX gripsNew, custom-length brake cablesSchwalbe Presta valve tire tubes (front/rear)All electrical components of the bicycle (motor, battery, controller) are completely original SONDORS that came with the bike. I am also including the following with the bike:Official SONDORS battery charger,Official SONDORS battery keys (2) with key codeExtra tire tubeChain breaker toolDrift for crankset disassemblyVarious allen wrenches.No locks or cables will be included with the bike. Serious buyers only. Cash only, local pickup only in the Los Angeles area (Hollywood). No test rides without cash in hand. Private Message me on the forum if you are interested, as personal information such as phone numbers and email addresses are not allowed in open forum to protest members.
  2. I bought my Thin to go fast! I'm lucky if I get 15 miles per charge lol. But I don't run the battery to 0%, so I could probably squeeze about 17 miles or so out of mine.
  3. What are the performance benefits of dropping a 750W motor into the 350W hub? Twice the speed, but half the range? (Assuming you kept the stock battery?)
  4. Yeah, I didn't specify, but you would need the adapters that correspond to the larger rotors. But aside from that, you don't need to do any modifications to the fork or frame itself.
  5. No, the 203mm rotors fit without any modifications whatsoever. It's a damn tight fit when it comes to clearing the fork and the kickstand, but both rotors fit with about .100" clearance which is plenty. I've put plenty of miles on the bike since the conversion and have not had any issues with the rotors gouging the fork or frame. Bike has been running great the last two months. The mechanical brakes are more than adequate so I doubt I'll be upgrading to hydraulic. The bike is just not as fast as I was led to believe it would be following the 3-speed conversion, so I don't see myself investing much more money into it, even when it comes to motor, controller, batteries, etc. If anything, I actually see myself converting the bike back to a single speed. I currently only use the tall gear all the time to get around. Was having some derailleur adjustment issues and the chain was jumping off the tall gear and jamming itself between the gear and the frame. Left it in the tall gear with the intention of adjusting the derailleur later, when I noticed I never felt like I needed to switch into my lower two gears. I've gotten used to the feel of the heavy gear, so I'll probably be switching to a single speed freewheel, shortening the chain and ditching the shifter/derailleur. Another thought that's been bouncing around my head: I love my Sondors. It gets me places quickly and with minimal exertion. But it's damn heavy, and I don't feel comfortable leaving it unattended for more than even a minute or two. So there's a lot of places I can't go to with my Sondors and opt to walk instead. So I'm thinking about buying a dirty, cheap, used bicycle. Maybe a 20" BMX or a fixie. Something that costs no more than $50-$75, is covered with stickers, superficial rust, etc. that I can use as a backup transportation to the Sondors. The BMX would be nice to take onto the subway since it will be small and light. Probably leaning toward that style of bike.
  6. I'm also on a Thin, and used the same components the other individual did. To get any more top speed out of my bike I would have to look at upgrading the electricals, which is something I don't really plan on doing until one of those components fails first.
  7. I have a 56T front with the 16-19-22 rear, but haven't really been able to get the bike past 22 mph on level ground. I don't know how the last guy hit 44 mph on a downhill (must have been a hell of a hill) but all the 3-speed conversion has done for me is allow me to pedal slower at my top speed. It doesn't allow me to pedal up to 25-27 mph as I had hoped. I'm honestly thinking of converting back to a single speed and cleaning up the look of the bike. The conversion hasn't produced the results I was led to believe that it would.
  8. The suspension forks I got for my Thin have a lot of resistance to them and barely compress under any load. Hopefully yours work a little better.
  9. I'm looking to eventually upgrade to these for my white Thin: http://www.motobicycles.com/artikeldetails-en/kategorie/pedals/artikel/reflex-pedal-white.html I've bashed my shins more than enough times with the stock pedals, but pedaling efficiency is not my primary goal with switching them out.
  10. Thanks @Tabletteer, link says they're for Tektro V-brakes, but I'm assuming it's a standard bolt that is used across various styles of brake systems?
  11. I can't seem to find the cable pinch bolt (and the tiny curved piece) that affix the cable to the actuating arm on the caliper. Does anyone know of a website where I can buy these parts individually instead of dropping another $40 on a caliper? I was thinking about upgrading to hydraulic brakes anyway but would like to try out the mechanical brakes on my 203mm rotors first to decide if it's warranted. Thanks.
  12. Some shots I took just before another shakedown ride:
  13. Got a local shop to remove the stripped bolts, and installed the larger rotor. It's a close fit, but there are no interference issues. The minor deflection of the rotor from caliper operation actually pushes the rotor inward, away from the fork. Cut my front brake line and shortened my rear brake line slightly. Went to dial in my front brake line when I discovered the cable pinch bolt on the front caliper is missing altogether. Double-checked all my parts and tools, and it's definitely missing. So I took the pinch bolt off the rear caliper to set the front end up for now. Also trimmed my shifter cable to length and put a crimp ferrule on the end.
  14. Page 7 of the 3-Speed Conversion thread has all the conversion parts I used on my Thin:
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