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  1. My Bike was stolen last night, along with my electric Drift trike, from the parking spot in my "secure" gated community. So, if anyone in the Woodland Hills area sees an upgraded Titanium and Black Sondors, let me know... Information about the Bike (edit by Admin): Bike Frame & Rim Color: Titanium and Black Bike Serial Number: 5NmØ31•8 Bike Lock using/used: Yes, KryptoLok series 2
  2. The extended range battery is a 36V nominal battery, just like the stock battery. It just has a higher amp-hour rating (which means it holds more total power), but it doesn't output a higher voltage. in @ArlRide case, he was pulling a lot of amps (Hill climbing) for an extended period of time and the negative terminal got too hot and melted the plastic.
  3. I'd like to thank you guys for doing all this first, something so simple evidently isn't. Kudos for being documenters.
  4. HAHAHA, just got mine and logged in to do this EXACT post. Kudo's Alien, I agree wholeheartedly.
  5. Hello all. Michael Black. Living in Woodland Hills, CA (that's "The Valley" north of LA). Into electric vehicles, have a drift trike (see profile pic), Electric Mountain board, Sondors, building a "go-kart", and am an ArciMoto backer. As you may guess from the SN, I am an InfoSec professional. I've already ordered a LCD and controller from Luna (I already have two of their packs, a 36V and a 52v, CAN heartily recommend), as well as the Brooks clone. Will post pics as I swap things out. Likely in a few months I'll get the 52V "Hot Rod" pack, and then swap the Bafang out with a MXUS 3KW and then have to get a GRIN controller. Currently, I am completely stock, with Titanium/Black schema.
  6. Excellent, thanks for the feedback. I'll toss the long arms in the "stuff that I might use someday, somehow" box
  7. I really like that rack, Nice find. Seems really solid, yet inexpensive for the construction. I ordered it from Amazon, should get here Sunday. I also got the extended arms, just in case the standard ones are too short (reviews on Amazon indicated they were when you tried to use this rack on a Fat Bike). I'll post pics when I get it.
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