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  1. Hello, I got my bike a few days ago. I am really happy to have my new Sondors after a few months. I would like to know if someone has a good insurance for bike that you can recommend. I live in Canada, bc. I bought two locks to protect my bike, register my bike in 529 garage but I am looking for an insurance. I would appreciate your tips. Have a good day. Rose
  2. Hello 3 D- vice and Ballz, I have already use the Sondor forum but not answer about my problem. I am quite a little afraid when i see the post of the Ballz. I would like to know if actually some people receved the bike. It is really a scam or a real website? Rose
  3. Hello, I would like to express my disastifaction about my delivery and the payment. I orderer a bike last month. On the website, the delivery supposed to be on July. I got an email yesterday to inform me that i am going to have the bike on September. I am really dispappointed about that because It was not this information on their website And the Facebook page? Secondly, It was possible to do a multi-payment, when i paid they asked to pay one Time. I have already send two e-mail but the answer said That nobody answer individually to email. I would Like That Someone take care about this pr
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