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  1. SOLD! Bought the new Sondors Fold for my wife, so now we're selling her old THIN model ebike. Aluminum frame, two batteries, suspension fork, LCD display, and new inner tubes. It has about only 140 miles, and everything still functions like new. There are some scratches on the body, see photo #3.Details for Sondors THIN - retail $499- front suspension fork ($100 upgrade)- LCD screen ($100 upgrade)- standard THIN 8.7 Ah Battery- THIN battery charger- installed slimed front inner tube with Presta valve- 1 extra spare slimed inner tube with Presta valve- 1 extra extended THIN 10.5 Ah lithium-ion battery ($297 value)- spare non-suspension fork (the original)I've paid over $1200 a year ago, including shipping, and now asking for only $850. Cash only, in person. I can put it on a bike rack and meet you in a public place.
  2. Hosermage

    Sondors water bottle holders

    Thanks for sharing!
  3. Hosermage

    Upgrade: 750W Bafang with 7 Speed Upgrade

    Hi, saw your post on the motor upgrade, but I'm actually intrigued by your dual front bottle cages. Can you make a post on that setup? I'm sure many others will like that, too. Thanks! David.
  4. Hosermage

    Lower the frame

    I'm backing this project to get an ebike that my son can ride on, only 20" wheels: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/mate-the-coolest-and-most-affordable-ebike-ever-bicycle/x/14811938#/
  5. Hosermage

    Black THIN on local CL

    Craigslist. I've been seeing many listings here in Los Angeles, but I don't see a lot of movement there. Most of the listings have been there for a while.
  6. Hosermage

    Thin vs. Custom Fattie

    There wasn't any link to a page, it was emailed to me directly by sondors. Maybe it's not publicly available, but only to existing sondors THIN owner? I was kinda skeptical about it at first, since I don't see it mentioned anywhere. But then I saw they mentioned it on their instagram feed, so I placed an order for an extra battery. Then a few weeks after, they sent me another email about upgrading the battery to a higher capacity one and a chance to order the suspension fork with it. Maybe I got scammed?
  7. Hosermage

    Thin vs. Custom Fattie

    I ordered 1 of each for my wife and I. I'll let her pick which one she likes more as I'm happy with either. The custom FAT is still waiting to be delivered, however. Actually, the THIN has suspension forks and upgraded battery. My order probably won't get to me until a few months later, too. I did not order suspension fork for the FAT since I think the fatter tires should absorb the shocks better.
  8. Hosermage

    What LCD should I order

    did you order from kickstarter, or did you order directly from the gosondors.com website? check out this page: http://gosondors.com/pre-order-sondors-ebike/sondors-lcd-display-sale/ I think it's pretty self-explanatory.
  9. Hosermage

    THIN inner tube

    BTW, what size holes were they? I'm thinking of using veloplugs instead of tape.
  10. Hosermage

    THIN inner tube

    @Boulderite What was the width size of the velox tape? As for bike racks, I was planning on buying one of these: cross-bar adapter
  11. Hi, I just finished assembly of my THIN, but now I'm left with two extra 4mm allen bolts. I've rechecked the assembly video to make sure I didn't miss anything. What are they for? Also, the kick stand seems too long, making the bike tip over easily. Is there any way to shorten it? Thanks in advance.
  12. Hosermage

    THIN inner tube

    Hi, the THIN tires are stated as 28" on the sondors site, but the 29" inner tube fits fine?
  13. Hosermage

    THIN inner tube

    Has anyone tried the "slime" sealant and self-sealing tubes? I would assume it'll add some weights and the reviews in amazon seems ok.

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