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  1. Hi. Im in germany and i ordered the fa. Black/yellow on 5/16 this year. One day later as the email says...so did my bike arrive after september? Did everyone else ordered to germany and get the bike ? Thanks for reply
  2. Hi I want to know if its possible to cancel the order and get the money back. Thanky you for reply
  3. Hi...nice to hear i choose the right one:) Thank you for your reply.... Cu in september...for telling you how is my new bike
  4. Hi, I'm from Germany and I orderd yesterday a fat bike, i think so, because im not sure if have chosen the right one could someone confirm that the bike i've ordered is the right one and when will it be shipped? thank you Sondors eBike - EU, CHE, NOR - BLACK/YELLOW Artikelnr. SKU_40 , BLACK/YELLOW Options *EU, CHE, NOR*: BLACK/YELLOW SONDORS Original $664,00 USD 1 $664,00 USD
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