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  1. @alienmeatsack - have you got it to work on the Fat Bike? I've had the same issue problem about not being able to set it to Cruise. Any help would be appreciated! Cheers.
  2. I have this twist throttle that I ordered from velomobileshop.com. It made a HUGE difference for me. Where the old thumb throttle wouldn't seem to kick in until at 50%, then come on strong, the twist throttle gives good response over the entire range. aprox $30, but worth it to me. http://www.velomobileshop.com/collections/ebike-accessories/products/twist-throttle?variant=11219254595
  3. Hey Gene - I'm just north of Santa Rosa, CA any luck on your problem? I've done a bunch of upgrades - Controller, LCD, throttle,seat,rack, bags - whoo hoo!!! lemme know if you wanna try to meet sometime!
  4. Were you able to get the cruise control functioning properly? I would LOVE to have this functioning :0)
  5. Hi Douglas - I had a similar issue but found it had more to do with how I had attached and tighened the front wheel. IF you flip the bike over and get the front wheel off the ground, take a look at how the wheel is aligned between the forks. Mine was off a bit. So I loosed, and realigned the front wheel then re-tightened. Worked for me. Let us know what works for you!
  6. Go a little further north and you can land @ STS in Sonoma County.
  7. Hi Fellow Sondors Owners - one of the things I really enjoy is playing with my new gadgets and toys. Something that makes it even better is to have people to enjoy it with. If there are any Sondors owners in the San Francisco\Sonoma County vicinity, shoot me a message or IM (however that works)and let's see if there's a chance for a meet. I was in the quaint little town of Healdsburg a couple months back and saw a white Sondors FAT, which convinced me that I made a good choice! Anyways, if you're close to Sonoma County, CA, give me a shout!!!! BanditX2
  8. And it is finally here!!! I just picked it up from UPS and will start assembly tomorrow! Fat Black\Black with upgraded battery - whoo hoo!!!! @phobaic - congrats on your new baby!!!!! You will love it :-) So glad to see people keep getting the bike. It get's stares and questions everywhere I go. Be prepared!!!! and enjoy ;-)
  9. Excellent - Being that I modify virtually every gadget I buy, tires are next on my hit list. Just trying to figure best cost\performance vs type. I like the street tire but knobbies are great for the dirt. At least they're easy to change!!!
  10. Holy Cow! What is the ride like at full pressure? Sounds like a great deal!
  11. Just re-read the OP - I agree C1 should be set to '1' instead of '2' if its a 8 magnet sensor. Have you tried to change it and see if it lowers the cruise speed?
  12. Thanks elkoflyer - I'm away from my new favorite toy and can't wait to try it. Thanks for checking it out and reporting back! Go SondorsForum.com!!!!
  13. My 20 amp controller fit in place of the stock. But only holes for two screws. It is plug and play - perhaps Tableteer has the 25 amp controller??? Either way, it's plug and play. Enjoy!!!!!
  14. I must say that you have received an WAYYYY more information on your purchase than I've se 94.00 lbs??? Sounds like a FAT bike to me. Enjoy!!!
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