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  1. Yeah, I figured it out and I am sad to say that it is all connected properly and I'm gonna have to change out the damn sensor! At least I was taught to solder by the man who wrote the manual for the ANSI (formerly ASA) Standard! I have an iron and am fully capable of changing it out myself!
  2. The same thing happened to me tonight, and I had to leave the bike at work. I looked at my connections before I left, but was unable to find any loose. If anyone is able to photograph which cable it is or the probable location where it would be loose, I would love you forever and be very happy . I would be even happier , if I did not have to walk that heavy ass bike home 1.1 miles mostly up hill in the morning Thanks!
  3. so... *scuffs foot on ground, looking down sheepishly* I charged the batteries again, preparing to unhook the LCD, and when I put it in, it showed a full charge on the screen, all 3 throttle lights lit up, and it works just fine. I tried charging those batteries up 5 different times... I'm stumped!
  4. My throttle lights come on, well the red one since both batteries show drained. My lcd comes on for a bit until the battery can't sustain it anymore.
  5. OK thanks I'll try uninstalling the LCD when I get home tonight. I have done the rest of them I used to work with electronics, this ain't my first rodeo!
  6. The red one is lit up. The next two are out. Then the other ones are all green. It's been about two weeks since I charged the batteries.
  7. Yes and yes. The batteries have no charge after the charger light is green. It turns red upon plugging the batteries in and green after approx 3 hours. I have had my bike almost 6 months and this is really making me mad. It is my transportation to and from work and almost anywhere else I need to go.
  8. I have an indegogo fat tire with lcd display and am having charging issues. So... After following the exact charging procedure, the green light turns red, as expected, then, approximately 3 hours later, the light turns green, as expected. Attach battery to bike and (not as expected!) There is no charge! Battery is still dead. Both of my batteries experience this issue, so I am pretty sure both batteries did not have the same exact thing go wrong on the same exact day within 6 hours of each other! Any ideas?
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