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  1. Just took another motor apart this morning that has several issues, I'll post step by step instructions on how I go about repairing it. Remove the motor from the housing (scroll down to see assembly process and reverse the order), next remove shear key from the slot in the axle. Remove the half clip Remove the 3 screws, they are tight so take care not to strip them out. Slide the gear off Use c-clip pliers to remove retainer Place motor on a hard surface and push down on rotor housing to overcome the magnetic field. It should slide down and off the shaft, note, you really have to push hard to do this. - Careful not to lose the thrust washer push on the magnets, if one slides down you know they are loose, or if it makes that grinding sound just assume they are loose. Number each magnet so you put them back in the proper order With a screwdriver you can pry up the magnet to remove them Safe spot to store them is on the outside of the housing, be very careful handling the magnets, they are strong and if they slip out of your hand and snap against each other or a metal object, can easily break Once they all removed, clean all debris and old glue from housing and magnets. I usually give each magnet a good cleaning just before gluing it down. this one had several issues, the other being a cold solder joint on one of the halls sensors. Note the 3 in the center of the picture, the middle one is loose causing erratic running of the motor. Starting the re-gluing of the magnets (using epoxy: buy on Amazon) All done, note magnets are flush to the outer edge of the housing. Now to wait 24 hours for the epoxy to cure Just showing how fast the stator snaps into place Install snap ring install gear and half clip slide assembly back in housing Once fitted give it a spin to insure all is well. There should be a spacer and thin washer on the shaft. install cover and 6 allen screws, Note this is a spare motor housing, the reason it isn't laced into a wheel. Done.
  2. Folds are in... Few bikes delivered Unboxing... Screw mounts for racks.. Needs to be removed to mount bars... No issue with seat height for short people.. Jacks style Serial number location Front cabe needs to be trimmed
  3. To install you remove the top cap on the headset, then with the supplied longer screw and a hammer drive the threaded insert deeper into the fork tube. This will allow room for the GPS unit to be inserted. (click Image to enlarge) Currently the best deal for one http://www.ebay.com/itm/Bicycle-GPS-SMS-Tracker-GPS305-TK305-Quad-Band-Real-time-deep-sleep-NO-BOX-/321385919756?hash=item4ad417f50c I purchased a sim card from this place https://www.ptel.com/phones Just got the “pay as you go” plan and for $100 got 1 year of service It was very easy to set-up and when done sends you text messages if your bike is tampered with It will actively text you as the bike is moving or you can call the number for quicker text updates. It uses a small independent GPS chip built into the unit for location, so it is susceptible to signal loss inside buildings.
  4. Since the frame is steel, it’s quite easy to spread the back section of the frame to accommodate a multi gear freewheel. A 7 speed set should fit just fine, but you may need a spacer to keep it from rubbing the frame. adding a gearset to the front sprocket might be a bit more difficult, I haven’t looked into that yet.
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