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  1. Thanks Tabletteer! Very helpful comment...?!?! I have indeed been on a 25 mile bike ride on the Stock Sondors. So I'm very LUCKY.. You seem to be a very accomplished Sondors expert. You must enjoy long bike rides on that seat! but that's not my thing. Anyway I found this seat on page 14 in the John Deere Catalog and ordered it. Thanks
  2. OK, Padded Seat covers? Who has a cover that fits the Sondors Seat well? I need to find something so that I can take some long rides again!
  3. I think you're going to get it!
  4. Welcome to the club Montana ! "Those tires are insanely huge!" is what one little girl said to her friends as I rode by. I'm having a blast on mine, 62 miles in just three outings so far! Never could have done that on a regular bike, not in the shape I'm in now.
  5. Hello, I'll start this thread with some pictures and a short story of my first ride on the Banks-Vernonia State Trail. After my first test ride went so well, I packed the bike into the truck and drove to the Banks Trailhead. The first two miles of the trail are lined with Hungarian Blackberries and August is the month to harvest. I only rode one mile before stopping to pick several handfuls of this unexpected treat. At mile four the gentle grade starts to appear but nothing P-3 can't handle, this was a train track. Just before mile seven on the trail you reach the Buxton Trestle! And you can ride across! Here are two photos of the area near the Buxton Trailhead. I have never been on a trestle bridge before so it's fun and the railing is super sturdy so you feel safe. After the trestle the trail gets a little steeper and I was using more throttle and watching the battery level closely. When I came to this bench at mile 10.4 I sat in the sun and had a few grapes and water. The rack on the bike is the Ibera PakRack Touring. I started back at this point, in hide sight I should have kept going for another two miles as it is all downhill on the way back. On my next ride up this trail, I'll push it till the battery is at one bar and then turn around. I think that after getting my legs back in riding shape the whole 21 miles of trail could be done with the bike. I'll be back on this trail soon, another place I want to explore is the Columbia Gorge Historic Highway bike trails.
  6. Good day! No longer waiting, the big brown truck delivered. I went out for a ten mile test ride yesterday, very happy with the bike. At the top of the first hill my legs were done, but I just sat down and used the throttle. It's safe to say I could have never made a ten mile ride without the motor. Last April, I signed up and bought the bike before reading a thing about Sondors. The internet can be harsh, and prices have to rise with added overhead. "like customer service" I think the bike is a great deal for the price. Looking forward to some longer rides and getting back in shape I wish bike racks didn't cost as much as the bike I did slide some Mr. Tuffy liners in before the first ride. In the background of this picture you can see the foothills of the Oregon Coast range. The Banks to Vernonia trail is the first place I'll take the bike. 21 miles long and all downhill on the way back to the trail head.
  7. Ordered mine in April, received it July 29th
  8. I think the picture you posted above was taken back in 2015
  9. Reklis Nice bike! where did the tires come from? I'm still waiting for mine to show up.. 30 days to go now
  10. The end of July will work for me! Planning day trips to some interesting bike trails around my area still waiting
  11. Thanks, I missed your posts guys I have a couple of quads as well, one little nano and the other is a 250 size racing quad with video camera on it. So many cool little toys to play with nowadays! And batteries are just getting better and better and lighter too Misterfixit, your shop sounds amazing I hope you get the house wrapped up soon so you can get out there and create The goose neck on the camera is a super idea for getting the right shot, plus the casters on the bike and TV stand I'm going to build a bike stand out of wood, now it's going to get locking casters Jerry, did you get your fenders? I'm going to check the AliExpress link that Clockburner added. I do some woodworking and I'm thinking about laminate wood fenders well epoxy fenders with wood-grain look. Misterfixit, What is your dream project? Your shop sounds like you could produce anything you want. I've been watching a lot of the You-tubers blogs since I cut the TV cord. I think you could have a good YouTube channel Please post your Sondors stuff when you get around to it. I want to add three gears to mine when it gets here. Over and Out for now... still waiting
  12. Very nice! Good looking bike, what is your first addition going to be? I'm waiting for the black/black fat, I see you have the belt drive GoSondors tells me July delivery So the clock is ticking down for me
  13. I don't really think so jjonezx I never had any luck contacting GoSondors.com with any request in a timely manner. Give it a try! You could be the Lucky one
  14. Search internet for 37 Volt Lithium Ion smart chargers, Tons of them out there for cheap money. http://www.batteryspace.com/smartchargersfor37vli-ionpacks.aspx OK ,maybe not "TONS" but you can find it
  15. Here's a link to an Oregon state park with bike trail, I'm lucky enough to live only 5 miles from this trail. So a few years ago this bike trail was opened here in Oregon. The trail is an abandoned Railway right of way. Looking forward to exploring this soon. http://oregonstateparks.org/index.cfm?do=main.loadFile&load=_siteFiles%2Fpublications%2Fbv.pdf
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