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  1. I use the LT-48v battery with upgraded controller. I can’t remember the amp output, 20 or 25. It works very well. The battery fits in the box with a few minor alterations. I used industrial grade velcro to keep it from shifting.
  2. When deciding whether a different chain ring will help use this website www.bikecalc.com You can input all the variables and look up speed and cadence. I am using a double sprocket up front on both a Thin 3 speed and Fattie 7 speed. Since I have a derailleur (to maintain chain tension) I can switch to the smaller front sprocket by hand if I need low gearing. To switch sprockets I just pedal backwards (while off the bike) and pull the chain toward the smaller sprocket. It took a little while to figure out proper chain length but that was the only issue I have had.
  3. Here are some photos of the 3 spped phooto build. I also added a larger front sprocket. I'm running a 48v 14ah battery. I need to upgrade the controller as I'm still using the stock 15 amp one. So far no problems.
  4. I know this is anold thread, but I was able to install a 3 speed sprocket on my Thin pretty easily with off the shelf parts.
  5. Thanks, I may try that. I think the thumbscrews look very cheesy. FYI - I found the tool when I searched it on amazon but it never had the name you called it. I had to search Wikipedia - Dikes (a portmanteau of "Diagonal CutterS" is pronounced "dikes"). Now I have to look up "portmanteau" .....
  6. Do you mind if I repost this on the FB Sondors Owners page? Thanks.
  7. WillA

    6' 3"

    I'm 6'1 and have the seat post at the maximum extension point (little hashes around the post) and have a stem riser. I can ride 30-40 miles with pedal assist only and I am not uncomfortable and do not feel unstable. In the past when I rode a touring bike long distances I had a higher seat height to pedal distance (roughly 109% of inner leg length) than on the Sondors - but I am 20 years older now. For the price I think the Sondors is a great deal and you can easily make adjustments to fitment. Carbon fibre is cool, and I add expensive gizmos that don't really help me go faster/farther. For me
  8. My question is what type of gears are needed? A thread on freewheel hub or a cassette that attaches to splines. I know what gear ratios I want, I am just not sure what type of gears to get. Are HG Shimanos all threaded? Thanks.
  9. What are some combinations that are useful? There is one cable on the 20 amp controller for the headlight. Could this be used for a taillight with a splitter? What about a brake light activation cable? Any ideas how to make that work? Is it possible to get cables that end in a pigtail? I'd like to use a generic thumb lever throttle (about $6) versus a Sondors compatible one for $30. I'd need the throttle connecting Higo part with the wires I could plice to the throttle lever. Just some ideas. I will try to follow the instructions link. Any other ideas for Higo cable mods?
  10. I will search the forum, but what 7 speed hub did you use, biknut?
  11. The noise may be caused by magnets that have come unglued inside the motor. There was a guy on one of the Sondors FB support groups who was helping people by regluing the magnets with a stronger epoxy. Though the magnets come loose, they don't go very far because there isn't much room for them to move and they are still doing their job to some degree. They could break if dislodged. My fattie is a little loud, but I will wait since I'm hoping to do the 750w exchange.
  12. How did you remove the original thumb screw without breaking it? Thanks.
  13. I bought this one. It is only 14Ah but fits in the case. I wrapped it in Gorilla tape with foam on the bottom and contact points. I don't have a picture but it fits in the case. Will http://electrobikeworld.com/products/lt48-48v-14ah-lithium-ion-battery
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