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  1. Can you please post link for such freewheel? I couldn’t found one. Currently I am considering EFNEO gearbox
  2. I live in area with many hills. I am unable to pedal uphill event with motor assistance due to high gear ratio. As for now I see two solutions: Install front derailleur Install read derailleur Combine both above I want to explore this solutions in this thread because I cannot find it elsewhere. I don’t have working solution now. According to http://www.szbaf.com/en/components/component/motor/rm-g06350d.html installation width of rear axle can be either 170mm or 195mm. My measures confirms that Sondors use 170mm width, which leave us less than 40mm space between motor and frame. Does anyone know if there is such narrow multi gear freewheel? Second problem will be derailleur installation. Since there are no holes for standard hanger, I believe frame has to be modified. Anyone did this?
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