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  1. Added EDIT to main post but lock itself is broken, axle itself is good.
  2. Thanks for that link. 15mmx160mm (160mm is total), Thread size diameter - 14mm, pitch is 1.5 and threaded total of 23mm. I'll try to go through link and see if I understand everything or will ask here.
  3. I took bike in for inspection to local bike shop today. We realized front thru axle is broken. I'm checking if I can get replacement sent out. If anyone know where can I get required part if not replaced by Sondors? [EDIT]: CORRECTION: lock on axle is broken, Axle itself is good. Thanks
  4. Just received my rockstar few days back. Seat post controller doesn't really seem to work, seat post moves without using controller and doesn't really stay in place. Has anyone faced this and know what can I do to fix it? I'm also checking with support.
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