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  1. Hey Rockers, Looking for people to ride with in the Northern Virginia Metro DC Area. Plenty of great places to ride here. Meadow Wood, Fountain Head, Laural Hill, Accotink Park, WakeField my local trails.
  2. Did you get your RockStar Rolling yet? I have over 1200 trouble miles so far and the bike has been a beast in the woods. upgraded the stem bars and control so far
  3. I hear something slapping around as I ride. Turns out to be the cables inside the frame behind the battery compartment. Any ideas on how to solve this issue? Maybe if I slide in a long piece of foam tube along side the cables this might restrict their movement somewhat. Thanx Nik
  4. Nick Steidl

    Mason Neck Rocker

    Looking for Rockers in the NVA DC area to ride Luarl Hill, MeadowWood, Occoquan Reservoir and Fountain Head Park
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