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  1. That's about $100.00 cheaper. Nice! Yes, the cable was frayed right at the slot coming off the axle. I had a spill once & assumed that the cable & derailleur was protected by an after market guard I installed. Maybe it wasn't. I will try to get as much info re: advanced settings from Sondors tomorrow & post what I find out.
  2. Thanks Reddy. I widdled & I fiddled on my XS today & rode it with my cell phone GPS on. The most accurate speed I was able to get on the display was Wheel Size: 28 (although my XS is a 26) & Speed Sensor: 01 (even though the Bafang 750W has 6 magnets). I do have a scheduled phone call with Gregg Galas at Sondors tech support tomorrow, so hopefully they can school me on the best advanced settings for the XS & what they mean. Gregg was very helpful so far in helping me troubleshoot my original problem. (no speed, trip & ODO because of a frayed cable at the hub) BTW, I bought the replacement Bafang 750W from Electro Bike World, even though their inventory was low & they're hard to find lately. The price was reasonable, the fit was almost perfect (cable was shorter than the original) & delivery was quick & free.
  3. The LCD display for my Sondors XS is actually a KD718. I had to replace the 750 watt rear hub motor with a Bafang not supplied by Sondors, since they've been out of stock for a long. time. My problem is that I've searched the interwebs & this forum high & low but have not been able to find an explanation or best advanced settings for the display. I can access advanced mode (code 1515) but Im stuck on what best settings for speed sensor & slow start I should use...
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