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  1. Just get an extension bar.I bought an 11” one on Amazon for about $15 bucks.I have more than enough room for a horn an alarm,cell phone holder and more.I put the dual mirrors on the stock handlebars.
  2. I don’t know how to send a link sorry.Just go to Amazon and search for ABK lightweight mountain bike pedals.
  3. Get a handlebar extender.I have one for my fold XS and moved the LCD screen to it.It left plenty of room for my side mirrors,horn/alarm,headlights and more.I still have plenty of room for cellphone holder.Mine is completely tricked out with brake lights,turn signals and 6 safety lights.I also put on new aluminum pedals matching the torch red paint.Lastly I ordered the rear rack,bag and fender package which increases storage.Oh and of course a Bluetooth speaker holder for tunes on the fly.You can get the handlebar extender on Amazon in the 10 or 12” wide option.I got the 12”.It was only $12 and we’ll worth it.Hope this helps and happy riding.
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