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  1. A good U-lock and heavy steel cable is a start, but any lock can be foiled by someone with an angle grinder. I think the best approach is to get a motion alarm to go along with the lock. Some headlights and taillights have motion detectors built in. That will alert bystanders to the attempt before any cutting can be started. This is the lock I bought based on the reviews: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B081DHQDQG This is the taillight I'm using that has a motion alarm: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B098NBJFL5
  2. Blacktop and sand riding shouldn't be a problem for the Fold X. If you were planning to do any trail riding, I'd recommend the Fold XS because of the added suspension and extra power. I did not get to test ride my Fold XS before I bought it.
  3. Sondors is promoting the hell out of the LA Auto Show this week, especially concerning the Metacycle and the EV. Maybe we'll find out something new.
  4. I've already done that research. Short of a vehicle rooftop cargo bag, nothing is big enough and those bags get kinda pricey.
  5. Other than using bungee cords, does anybody have any recommendations for keeping a Fold folded while loading/unloading it into/from a vehicle? I had to load my Fold XS into my vehicle today and the magnet would give way every time the front wheel turned, which was every time it bumped into something as I loaded it. I looked for something that would keep the wheel straight, but the only product I found (SteerStopper) wouldn't work with the Fold frame.
  6. You're in the right thread. It's the one linked at the top of this thread. It's far from complete as far as explanations are concerned; you can tell something was lost in the translation from Chinese to English or just not explained well.
  7. Here’s a photo of how the bike looked before I added the Thudbuster. Forgive the clutter.
  8. We have an excellent MTB trail in my city’s largest park that I want to try once I get used to riding. I haven’t ridden a bike of any kind in over 25 years so I hope the old adage is true. https://www.mtbproject.com/trail/5341257/erwin-park-dorba-trail
  9. I like to cook, but when I get home after 8pm every evening, that’s hard to do without messing up my meal and sleep schedule. One of the dishes common in Kansas where I’m originally from is the bierock. It normally consists of a pastry shell filled with ground beef, cabbage, and onions. I may try it without the edible shell.
  10. The upgrades have already started. The first time I sat on the seat with the factory suspension seatpost, the suspension sunk to its lowest point. I attempted to adjust the tension, but the adjustment screw wouldn't budge. So, I bought a Cane Creek Thudbuster ST G4 seatpost, which is the only one that will support my weight (with the extra firm elastomer). In the process of researching that purchase, I discovered that the extra firm elastomers were out of stock everywhere, including on Cane Creek's website. Luckily, I stumbled upon a Canadian shop online that had two, so I bought both of them even though shipping wasn't cheap. They're still in transit. In the meantime, I'll use the firm elastomer. I'm also not too fond of the saddle shape (it was uncomfortable just sitting on it statically), so I ordered a Cloud 9 Cruiser ES saddle, which is two inches wider. I'll get that tomorrow. The handlebar space is at a premium and I want to mount my phone and a headlight to it, so I also ordered an extender. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B08ZMXS4NM/
  11. I'll have time to actually cook after I retire, so I do intend to alter my diet somewhat. I'll look into keto, which seems to be what Adkins essentially is.
  12. I'm hoping for a similar transformation. I'm 6'1" and weigh around 280. I also have type 2 diabetes, HBP, and high cholesterol. I will be retiring in a little under 6 weeks and I'm hoping the job stress relief as well as exercise on my Fold XS will allow me to get to a more healthy weight. I wanted the folding bike to more easily transport when I go camping.
  13. These? https://www.amazon.com/ABK-Lightweight-Mountain-Pedals-Aluminum/dp/B08VFBVY8J/ Unfortunately, they don't appear to fold.
  14. @Troy: Which pedals did you get? Do you have a link?
  15. I started unpacking this evening. I got the front wheel, the seat, and seatpost out of the box. The suspension seatpost is an ExaForm KSP625 30.9mm. The seat is a Selle Royal Lookin series. I can’t tell which exact model it is. I’m guessing it’s an older model year than Selle Royal currently produces. The tire is a ChaoYang. The cat did not come with it. The third picture is how far I got in my unpacking before I called it quits for the night.
  16. Some of the reviews and questions mention needing two syringes but the kit only comes with one. Are the brakes on the Fold XS of a type that only requires one syringe?
  17. BTW, this is more than merely a Y-adapter. It's active in that it will only allow power from the higher voltage battery through if the batteries are not of equivalent charge (they still need to be the same spec voltage).
  18. A day early! Please excuse the mess
  19. You could try this. https://boltonebikes.com/collections/electrical-accessories/products/dual-battery-parallel-connector
  20. Hmm, the kid trailer is the same color as your bike, not hers. Could that be an omen as to who will be taking the kid more often?
  21. I’ve been through there a few times and finally got to camp there late last summer. It was considerably cooler there than down below in Mena but the flies were biting horribly. I’ll likely be retiring at the end of November, so I’ll have full say when I can go camping.
  22. Yes, remarkably. UPS says I should get it on October 12.
  23. I got a UPS tracking number for my Fold XS today. It shouldn't be long now.
  24. I received my OEM pump today. Looks exactly the same as the Luma pump, minus the engraved Luma logo.
  25. Must have been on the same boat as my Fold XS. I got the same email.
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