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  1. I started looking around for a way to lift a 70-lb Fold XS into/out of my SUV and my search led me to hoists for mobility devices. I'm 59 years old with a history of spinal problems, so I figured the last thing I needed was a hospital bill because I threw my back out lifting the bike (I'm retiring next year). I ordered the least expensive one I could find, with a capacity of 200 lbs, I'll update this thread with my experiences, but probably not until I actually get the bike later this year (I hope). Here's the hoist I ordered: Harmar Economy Inside Lift (universal-accessibility.com) I used the "special offer" link to get a $61 coupon via email, dropping the price to $679.
  2. The main advantage JB Weld has over regular epoxy is a measure of flexibility. Regular epoxy is not flexible at all, bordering on brittle; it's great if you have porous surfaces where the epoxy can get into the crevices.
  3. For magnets in metal, I always use JB Weld.
  4. I ordered a 48V pump through AliExpress for $20. It’s obviously the same OEM. It’ll be interesting to see which happens first: Luma gets stock or I get my package. Either one could be months from now. EDIT: Added a link: https://m.aliexpress.com/item/728098749.html
  5. I've come to the conclusion that no bag out there is big enough. However, I've found several roof cargo bags that are about the right size (12 cu-ft or more). Here's one option that should work: Rightline Gear Car Back Carrier - Waterproof - 13 cu ft - 40" x 20" x 28" Rightline Gear Car Roof Bag RL100B90 (etrailer.com) It's intended to hang off the back of your roof rack, but those straps looks like they'd make good handles. It's short by 1" in one dimension but makes up for it by being soft sided and oversized in the other two dimensions, not to mention that the folded bike isn't a rectangular solid.
  6. Sondors sells a fender, rack, and bag kit for it. Are you only interested in a rack? I ordered a set with my Fold XS a couple of weeks ago and it has already arrived. Of course, the bike is a few months behind it.
  7. Yes. However, the last post in that thread was over 14 months ago, so I didn't even know if he was still making them. I've sent him an IM but haven't heard anything back yet. I thought I'd start a new thread instead of stepping on his, since his thread addresses a specific bag that he designed and produced and mine is meant to solicit suggestions.
  8. I looked at all 16 of my posts in my profile and the only things I commented on today here were in the thread we're in now, in the thread about the three screws sticking out the bottom of the Fold XS frame, and in my introduction thread where I mentioned that I had gotten the fender, rack, and bag kit as well as the taillight I'm going to use.
  9. I reviewed a thread on the subject over on the EBR forums but not here.
  10. Does anybody have any recommendations for a carrying/storage bag/case for a Sondors Fold X/XS? Using the folded size specified on Sondors's website, I've been mostly unsuccessful in finding a bag large enough. The only one I've found that's available commercially and appears to be the right size is the QuietKat Folding E-Bike Travel Case made from a carbon material that sells for $500. I really didn't want to spend that much if I didn't have to.
  11. I was told on another forum that those screws are what secure the battery holder inside the frame. If you found the right hardware, you could probably piggyback on them for accessories.
  12. I got my fender, rack, and bag kit a couple of days ago. I kinda wished they had waited to ship the kit until closer to the ship date for the bike, but it will at least give me a chance to design and 3D-print a taillight mount for the rack that utilizes the license place bracket. I received the taillight I'm going to use yesterday. Anybody know if Sondors is holding to shipping schedules lately? The suspense is killing me and I'm still at least 2 months out.
  13. I found another taillight on Amazon that I like even better. It was just added to the store on August 1, 2021. It has the motion alarm (110dB) and automatic braking indicator as well as turn signals. Even though my Fold XS isn't due to ship until the end of October, I went ahead and ordered it so i could become familiar with it and possibly do a preliminary review. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B098NBJFL5/
  14. I’m surprised that e-bikes don’t use balancing chargers like in the RC hobby.
  15. Thanks. I registered to get email notification when they're back in stock.
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