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  1. I just initiated an insurance policy from Velosurance that includes optional roadside assistance. 😉
  2. You're going the "whole nine yards," I guess. 😀 They included a valve core tool with the sealant applicator . With a 70+ pound tank of an ebike, and me being 73 (and fading), removing tires or chains is more than I'm willing to do. I'll either walk it back, or call my personal 9-1-1. 🏍️
  3. Hey Bill, thanks! While awaiting the delivery of my Fold XS, I ordered a bunch of "trinkets" on the internet, like a water bottle and cage, mirrors, smartphone holder, Kryptonite folding lock and holster, orange valve caps, and a headlight and taillight. I also picked up R&M items for my bag, like an electronic tire pump, small tools kit, CO2 bottle, and Joe's tire sealant. I'm sure there's more to come!
  4. Hello all, I just picked up my new Fold XS on Friday up in Ventura, CA. Been installing a bunch of little accessories. Loving it so far! Tom
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