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  1. Thanks Albert, the bike is still in Under warranty but for some reason They say the bottom bracket issue happens only 1% of the time when clearly it has also happened to you on the same bike Model in the same production run. As you said in your post I hope they do the right thing? Well see, I am going to continue arguing my case that it is the bottom bracket, thanks
  2. Hey Albert, I have a MXS from the first released bikes and I am having creaky crank noise on my bike with approx. 500 miles on it. I pulled both arms off and greased them as well as the pedals but the noise persists. I noticed when I put force on the pedals with my hands i can hear creaking. I emailed Sondors tech support and their response was it had to be pedals or the crank arms and I needed to loosen each arm bolt and retighten them sequential. I again removed the bolts and did as they said but it still creaks. Grant Galas at Sondors tech support said “This will alleviate the noise from
  3. Bikr


  4. Thanks for the insight it appears you extended some of the leads to the controller to make it work? My only concern was the motor lead that was much thicker so probably has 3 or 4 wires in it and I didn't feel comfortable splicing that without asking around to see if someone may have an answer. I feel pretty comfortable extending the other wires if needed. I appreciate the background on Luna's response I hold no ill will but being a business owner thats not the response I would want to give my customers. I am sure a year from now Luna will have a plug and play controller for the Thin as they d
  5. Hi everyone, love this forum and all the pioneers who are willing to put stuff out there for all to learn.I have used this information to convert my fat Sondors to a 3x3 (9 speed) conversion so i appreciate all the input. I have recently received my new Sondors thin and am beginning the same transformation. my dilema is that i have purchased the 25a hot rod controller from Luna Cycle to replace the stock thin controller. The thin controller is oriented vertical with the motor, battery and sensor wires comming off one end (bottom) and the remaining leads the other end (top). The Luna controller
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