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  1. Ignorantly I let my battery run down into the red twice while riding then I fully charged it when I got home. It seems fine but now I’m haunted, the motor did start to slow down one of the times but never died. I first thought you were supposed to drain it to the red before charging. Could I have I shortened the life of my battery significantly or is the battery management system supposed protect the battery from draining low enough to damage it? I know better now how to maintain my battery and won’t let it drain passed 30-40% if I can help it.
  2. Thanks so all you have to do is press walk nothing else? Thanks!
  3. What’s the secret? When I push the walk button nothing happens.I’ve tried it in various combinations with other buttons and no go. Keep walking! but yeah for me after four steps it goes Advice appreciated!
  4. Hi I have owned my Cruiser Elite for a few months. It just turned over 300 miles and I’d like to avail the group to learn more about operating my bike as I can’t figure out a few things. Mainly how do I turn on the WALK feature? I never did get any instructions other than a paper saying what the walk feature does but when I press the button nothing happens.Is there a procedure to using other buttons in combination as well? Anyway I love the bike, it’s opened up a whole new world!
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