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  1. Yay! Conclusion and result: I open up the battery and disconnected then reconnected the only wire that had a connector. I started measuring voltage on the board and was getting results in the 30-40v range. Tested at the output fins and read 50v. Put it all back together and it's now on the charger successfully charging! I'm thinking either 2 things: the small connector for the on/off switch became dislodged or there may have been a static buildup on the board that needed to be discharged. Going to take it for a spin after it fully charges to see if these might be some type of loose connection
  2. Thanks Reddy, I will check that out! The charger output is normal. I'm gonna pop 'er open and see what I see...
  3. Thanks Ian! It's just so strange that it went bad so quick, I've had it for 4 years and always held full charge, never a problem. Thanks again, Jim
  4. Well it looks like the battery is toast. Only reading 4v with power on or off.
  5. Ok thank you! It's only been drained for about a week so I'm hopeful it just needs a nudge, otherwise looks like i'll be out $400 for a new battery 😭
  6. Hello, I have a dead battery that I'd like to jump a little to get it to charge. I have done this using a solar panel with direct 12v current to bring a dead battery up a little so the charger will recognize it. I am just wondering about which of the inserts where the fins go into are positive and negative. Thank you!
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