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  1. Back in May, I ordered a Sondors LX scheduled for September delivery. Given all the shipping delays we've seen globally, I expected that it might be 2022 (possibly late spring) before the LX arrived on my doorstep. Yesterday I received an email from Sondors that my bike had made it to the port of LA: Note: the "here" link to the assembly video page of the email was modified to remove all order specific tracking and yet still be functional. I am cautiously optimistic that the LX will be in my grubby little hands in October, but accept that it may be November. Still it's better than my prior expectations.
  2. Will post some info on the Mach2 when I get it in-hand. Unfortunately, I expect it to be months before the ship mine as I'm about halfway down the current queue.
  3. You'll need a Shimano freewheel tool. I just bought one of these to change out the freewheel on my MXS: https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B01FI8WWZY The replacement: https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B07XYPH5BG
  4. I made a big mistake on my initial bike rack purchase and bought a steel dual motorcycle carrier. That rack weights around 100 pounds and by itself is about all my 2020 Hyundai Tuscon should have on the hitch. So I bought one of the Harbor Freight single aluminum motorcycle racks. While you can't use the pin to capture the rear wheel as the Sondors isn't long enough, it works very well with a few tie down ratchet straps. Spend the extra few dollars and pickup some soft straps too. Being the epitome of lazy, I don't like fiddling with the straps. So I spent the big bucks and ordered a Mach2 rack a couple of months ago. I expect it'll still be a several more months before it arrives. https://quikrstuff.com/product/mach2-single-rack-2-hitch/ The Harbor Freight works and including the straps is considerably less than 1/3 the cost.
  5. I ended up going a different route and bought one of these a couple of months ago (Jun 10, 2021): https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B07ZFQJQRV/
  6. One person that ordered a Rockstar stated he was informed by Sondors that his bike was ready, but that because of shipping delays it would be at least another month (August to September) before it arrives. Given what I read about shipping from China and delays delivering here in the USA, I'm not optimistic that my LX scheduled for September delivery will even make it here this year.
  7. Reddy, Doesn't the Fold use a generic 2 amp charger like this? https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B083BNQYWG/
  8. Hate listening to this guy. But to see the alarm functioning, skip to about 8 minutes in the video.
  9. That would be dependent on your local laws. For instance, here in Tennessee, the law specifically requires a white front light: Reference: https://www.tn.gov/tdot/multimodal-transportation-resources/bicycle-and-pedestrian-program/resources11/tennesse-bicycle-laws.html California has the same requirement: Reference: https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/codes_displaySection.xhtml?lawCode=VEH&sectionNum=21201.
  10. Fenders, rack, bag ...and a spare battery for me. I've been checking the Sondors website regularly and they haven't been available to order.
  11. On another forum a user posted that he just got an email from Sondors stating that his Rockstar is ready, but has been delayed another month due to container shipping delays. It's good to see Sondors being upfront about delays. Personally, I'll give a business that states to expect an extended delay a lot more latitude than a company that keeps saying "it's only a few days away" (over and over) or simply fails to communicate at all.
  12. Thanks for letting us know you found the info in the wiring diagram. Saved me from trying to research it. Before ordering, shop around a bit. You might be able to find complete levers with cutoff switches already installed that will work with your hydraulic brakes.
  13. Glad to be of assistance. You stated that you no longer have a motor kill switch since upgrading to hydraulic brakes. Are you planning on retrofitting the brakes with cut-off switches? Something like : https://ebikes.ca/product-info/grin-products/tripwire.html
  14. Does your controller have a pair of blue wires (cruise wire) with a "loop connector" attached? If it has the looped blue wire, then cruise is set in "auto mode". The C7 parameter only works if the loop is not connected.
  15. Since it's not close to the ship date, I haven't inquired. Unless it hits October without a shipping notice, I probably won't ask. As they say, "A watched pot never boils". But I'm going to need a new set of thumbs from twiddling these waiting for the LX to arrive.
  16. Hey Glenn, If you are going to post your bike for sale, a location (at least city and state) would be extremely helpful. If you were local to me (Middle Tennessee), I'd be interested in buying it as a project bike.
  17. Reddy, What do you think about waterproof sealing the connections?
  18. If you have AAA, they offer bicycle roadside assistance as a part of your car coverage: https://member.acg.aaa.com/tn/membership/bicycle-service.html You have to check your AAA region to see where/if coverage is offered. I'm going to check and verify that it covers ebikes too.
  19. I've been buying a few "farkles" for my MXS too. If you are going to use the tire sealant, then you might need a valve core tool. Since I'm planning for some longer rides, I also picked up a tire patch kit, boot seals (to cover punctures in the tire itself), and tire irons to go in my bag. A spare chain, master links, and a chain tool (part of a multi bike tool) was added too. I've held off buying a spare tube as I don't know what size I'll need after getting Tannus Armour inserts for the tires.
  20. Hey Tom, Congrats on the Fold. Besides the Sondors branded fenders/rack/bag kit, what else have you added?
  21. It could be the controller. @Reddy Kilowatt can probably provide you some additional troubleshooting procedures.
  22. There are wires that run from the brakes down to the controller in the battery box. These are for the cut off switches to interrupt the motor when you pull the brake levers. Follow the wires to the HIGO connector and unplug it to test if it's the brake switch that's causing the issue.
  23. First thought is it could be of the brake cut out switches. You should be able to unplug them, preferably one at a time, to test.
  24. That's a part that's recommended to be stored in the battery box. Sondors would likely ship you another one.
  25. English translation via Google: Hello I have a nice Sondors Fold in the simplest 250W / 48V edition which I bought on Ebay So far so good, but since I come from the MTB world, I would like to make some changes because "just" solid home cooking is not enough for me. So the following would be considered a Big Try 1.) Regular Fatbike fork = I don't know whether the 150mm Wren is too blatant but with the switch to the Speedlifter I would still have to come out with a regular Ahead stem at 110 cm height if I saw off everything above or the new steerer tube appropriately shortened reinsetz. As far as I know, the standard fork actually seems to weigh 3000g around 40 cm A / C without suspension .............. 2.) Speedlifter Twist for free choice of the Ahead stem in diameter and length + still parking the handlebars. I don't care about the extension but at least 6 cm in the frt T6 Edition. 3.) As a heavy rider of 95 kilos + backpack + #ike I can't get warm with the 2 piston Tektros, therefore >> Magura MT7 with 220 / 220mm MDR-P discs Other things like a Kinekt 2.1 seat post or "old" MTB pedals from the cannibalized counting. However, with regard to changing cranks and hubs in the wheel, the question of special details and dimensions, because I am also thinking of regular items from the 26 inch Fatie world. Furthermore, the question arises whether there is something lighter in the special 20x4 format because I also like to optimize the weight of the wheelset and whether 20x5 tires would theoretically fit as follows https://www.orangebc.com/de/produkte/pedelecs/super-73-s2-25-45-km-h-250-2000-watt-960wh-33-kg.html got me mentally what the As far as BDGR Tire is concerned
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