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  1. I'm working throughout the night tonight and have some spare time between tasks. So since my Google-Fu failed to turn up an option, I started perusing threads using find on each page of posts (manually searching since the website search failed too) and found this Rockstar fender option: SKS Beavertail Fenders: Product page: https://www.sks-germany.com/en/products/beavertail-set-2/ From the owner: If you search ebay, you'll find a few vendors. Example: https://www.ebay.com/itm/322448408943?hash=item4b136c416f:g:hQwAAOSwWxNYwzqM The exact title of the product
  2. Reddy, I have a LX on order rather than the Rockstar. To find the Rockstar kickstand only took a few minutes of searching on the Internet. The lights I origionally bought to put on my (current) MXS turned out to be a bad purchase as the taillight wouldn't charge and the headlight literally fell apart from missing screws. I'm betting it was a return and the seller was hoping the buyer was too lazy to return it or write a bad review. It was returned for credit and I ordered a similar light set with higher lumens from another Amazon seller: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B082G
  3. I don't know of any carrier that will work while folded, but the (expensive) bike carrier I want most is: https://www.1up-usa.com/product/2in-super-duty-single-bike-rack/ They are however out of stock. So for right now I'm using one of these: https://www.harborfreight.com/400-lb-receiver-mount-aluminum-motorcycle-carrier-62837.html I bought a steel double carrier that ended up being way too much weight for my Hundai Tuscon. Remember to check the weight of any carrier you buy and how much weight it can haul. Many bicycle racks are rated for less than e-bikes weight.
  4. https://shop.sondors.com/products/battery-box-cap-black-for-fold-and-fold-x Or for an aftermarket option: https://dragonfly2.net/shop/ols/products/flip-cover-plugs-for-fold-xs-model
  5. I watched every video on the Sondors bikes that I could find and read extensively on them before deciding to buy. Initially I was looking at the RadPower bikes and decided the Sondors bikes were a better value. Yeah, the warranty and support of the Radpower is superior, but you pay for that warranty. I really want a fat tire bike and loved the idea of a SUV of E-bikes as the LX was described (video below). While I may not hit trails that often, I "plan" on riding year around and the fat tires would be very helpful in the snow/ice. We'll see how that goes. These are the 2 videos I w
  6. Most mountain bike owners don't want a stand that can snag when riding aggressively. That's why you rarely see them preinstalled. I can't make a personal recommendation, but I did some searching on the Internet and found this option: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08L86R325 In this review the owner has one on his Rockstar and includes pictures: https://www.amazon.com/gp/customer-reviews/R2VBQ4F0T3M4MX/ At that price I'd say it's worth a try.
  7. Well… I’ve had the MXS less than a week and plopped down the money for the LX last night. The LX was the bike I originally wanted, but the shipping date of late September was just too far away. I need to be riding the bike now for exercise; not in 4 months. Worse case is I keep the MXS as a spare. Hopefully I’m not going to start a continual upgrade cycle of new E-bikes and that I’ll be happy with the LX at least for a few years.
  8. Thanks Reddy, Went up this morning to look at the bike and another one the owner had for sale. The second bike is a ladies cruiser style bike with a 750 watt Bafang mid-drive added to it and has a 48 volt 13.6 ah Panasonic battery. The tires were replaced on the Sondors because the original tires were dry rotted. Both bikes show around 30 miles on the odometers. My friend bought the pair for $1100. Although the handlebar and cranks were swapped out on the Sondors, we also got the factory parts so we can put it back original.
  9. Thanks Reddy, They list a Panasonic 12.8 amp hour battery with the Sondors name on it. I think it's an after market battery The rear tire is "Big Buddy". Don't know about the front. From what I've read the rear fat tires normally wear out in around 2K miles. It does have a LCD screen. It also appears to have a front suspension fork. Could this be a later generation Sondors or has it just been heavily modified?
  10. A friend of mine has been ogling my Sondors MXS and wants an ebike, but is not willing to spend the money for a new one. He's found what I believe to be one of the Sondors Indiegogo fat bikes. It's a black bike with yellow wheels and appears (from the picture) to be a single speed. The owner says it a 36 volt 350 watt motor. I'm going to ride up in the morning with him to check it out. Assuming that it's in good shape, about what is it worth?
  11. Amnesia: the way to get someplace you don't remember having been to before.
  12. I’ve not been on a vacation in many years. Several years ago, I used to go on weekenders (but never scheduled) just riding the scooter. Get up on Saturday, load up on the scooter, pick a random direction, and head out. Might be back in a few hours or a couple of days. That was when I had a riding partner (Sandy) who kept me active: Picture taken in Deal's Gap NC on the "Tail of the Dragon".
  13. I'm a coffee-holic too. I drink on average 2 liters a day (down from 4). Usually I make it in an Aeropress, but may swap up and use the french press, moka pot. When I'm being real lazy, I can even drink Folgers Instant. Most of the beans I get green and roast them myself. If you want to try roasting coffee, Sweet Maria's is a good source for greens. Trying to cut down my coffee intake a bit, I'm trying some loose-leaf hot teas from Harney & Sons. Yeah, everything is going up. They print trillions of new dollars and give it away like candy... you're going to see inflation.
  14. billmeek


  15. Reddy, Thank you for the link, but I went ahead and ordered this light (and a receiver) last night: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B08BRV3GJF/ I figured the worst case is I can charge the light off the USB port on the MXS. What I should have done is resolve the light issue by just ordering the Sondors LX! Which I still may do. I did make a mistake holding off on ordering the Black Widow single aluminum motorcycle carrier. The price jumped from $172 to $304.
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