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  1. You're welcome Cross-Up. The problem is that Sondors still lists "Tektro hydraulic Disc Brakes" on the Rockstar specs page.
  2. According to Arda from Ariel Rider, if you ordered brakes (video made in mid 2021), Tektro wouldn't be delivering them until 2024. Watch this portion of the interview until around 13:14:
  3. Eric, You don't need a high end multi-meter for this troubleshooting. Amazon or Walmart have them for around $12: https://smile.amazon.com/AstroAI-Digital-Multimeter-Voltage-Tester/dp/B01ISAMUA6/ https://www.walmart.com/ip/Stalwart-Digital-Multimeter-Tester-Volt-Amp-Ohm-Frequency/55485898 If you are going to own an ebike and troubleshoot it yourself, it's a good investment.
  4. Note how long it takes the thief to rip open the lock (by hand):
  5. It's not cheap, but I have a Park PRS-25 that I've used with my Sondors LX (89 pounds) that has worked well so far. The other thing I use is a handlebar jack for on the road repairs: https://www.handlebarjack.com/
  6. I considered placing an order, but the Sondors electric car being vaporware left me very skeptical of the Metacycle.
  7. I don't have a folding bike, but I've read where others have used a plastic tote to enclose a folding bike. You'd have to shop around to find one that fits.
  8. Nice bike josap. I have a set of Sondors fenders on order, but am afraid the rear fender may interfere with the Mach2 rack. What fenders do you have on your LX?
  9. No idea what-so-ever if the BBSO programming will work on a Sondors mid-drive. It's very possible that the current Sondors mid-drives are using the new m620 CANBUS motors (rather than UART) which means a whole new system of programming will need to be developed or purchased to reprogram the motors. Since Sondors is using a custom firmware, the old Bafang software / cable harness may not work either. I'll need to find out if my LX is UART as I want to eventually put an Archon X1 Controller in the motor. That will have to wait until Watt Wagons gets the light issue resolved.
  10. Brenda, I would follow up with Sondors to check the status of your bike. Mine was ordered in May and just arrived. It should be noted in the first shipments, the Artic (white) LX bikes were the first to arrive in the USA and a shipment of Aventador (blue) arrived later. I'm not sure if Sondors is still receiving them in color batches.
  11. The LX (finally) arrived today. It's put together, but it's already dark and no spare time to ride for a day or so. <grumble> It now has one whole mile on it.
  12. Correct. The LX uses the Bafang Ultra m620. I'm pretty sure that Sondors detunes the motor to keep users (that don't know how to correctly use a mid-drive) from damaging the drive train.
  13. The only change that I am aware of is modifying the speed setting to a max of 35 MPH.
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