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  1. Cable "stretch" is most likely due to my using her bike with my 235+lb. body onboard! Great bike shop (Poway Bikes) took it in and adjusted brakes for me. I recently added an excellent single rack rated for my RV from "1Up". Is there a place for me to inform my fellow Sondors brothers and sisters of this company?
  2. Is there a link on how to adjust the rear brakes on my wife's Sondors EZ Step?
  3. Thank you very much! The NV 2.0/NV 2.0 Base is designed for a 1.5" hitch with an adapter for a 2" hitch. That has me a bit concerned it will be sturdy enough. My plan is to put my wife's Sondors EZ Step on the back of our Winnebago motorhome mounted on a 2" hitch receiver. Any thoughts? Let me correct myself, I am referring to the Transfer V2.0 single bike rack
  4. I've had the same issue on my wife's Smart Step. Hit the "I" button on your controller and the display should light up.
  5. Are there any recommendations for 2" Hitch bike racks for Sondors E-Bikes? Any recommendations for specifically the Smart Step? Anything trick out there that will allow for transport of the Smart Step while folded?
  6. Is there a single or double bike rack recommend for size and weight of a Sondors EZ Step E-Bike?
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