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  1. Thanks for the quick replies. I have their number saved in my phone from last time! I’ll give them a call, and chat on Monday. I’m pretty indifferent on the throttle but not being able to turn off PAS, and not having control of the level assist just can’t work. I can’t softly pedal up to a crosswalk and have this thing lurch forward the way it does. it just doesn’t seem like there is any control off the system right now. It’s just off or full power. The way it worked on the X was very intuitive and smooth. There’s just something wrong here. Hopefully it’s a quick fix. I’ll continue to scour the interwebs for any info on Bafang motors controllers and the KD718. Oh and I have to look inside for the controller model as well. Will report back if I find anything. thanks for the help so far.
  2. Yes it does have a walk button. I meant when the throttle is not engaged as off. As soon as I apply any pressure it abruptly accelerates. Should I disconnect the throttle and see if that effects the PAS?
  3. I have, that’s where I found the 1515 code. I did another test ride and noticed that I also can’t steady cruise at slow speed. It just accelerates in all levels. Also is the throttle on off? I seem to remember on my X that it was analog, like a real throttle. On this bike as soon as it engages it accelerates abruptly, even at part throttle. I opened a support ticket at sondors, but that’s not a quick process.
  4. I shimmed it also but then there was too much drag on the stem. Just enough to bind slightly. Like when riding with hands off the bars it would behave erratically. Maybe I didn’t get the magic quantity/ thickness correct. Or maybe fold bikes don’t do well hands free? My first fold bike.
  5. Ok I’ll see if I can look in there. im guessing this motor/controller/ display setup is pretty common across Ebikes. Any good resources outside of Sondors for troubleshooting?
  6. I had to return my x for that same issue. I now have an XS and it does the same thing. Just not as pronounced.
  7. How do you return to default setting? Is it the factory setting to yes? It was no previously. I tried it again and it feels like it’s the highest level of pedal assist regardless of level selected. As far as model numbers, where do I find the controller? Is it in the battery cavity? KD718 is the display? Do I need to pull a more specific number off the device?
  8. Awesome, I’ll give it a shot in the morning. Thanks.
  9. Hello, I previously had a Fold X where there was zero pedal assist on level 0. My new Fold XS on level 0 has a very strong pedal assist. It is awkward. I tried to go into the settings but could not see what the % value was for level 0, only level 1-9 or 1-5 even if I selected 0-9 or 0-5. I set slow start to 0 and still feel a very strong pedal assist on level 0. I would like level 0 to have zero pedal assist. I don’t care if it turns off the throttle. thank you, Oscar
  10. Oscar A.P.

    Oscar A.P.

  11. I have the same loose stem issue. I watched the videos and this issue is not specifically addressed. I also tightened the 7mm hex at the locking clamp and the helped a bit. My other bikes have zero play in the steering stem.
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