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  1. I'll give that a shot asap, under inflation sounds about right, thanks
  2. Problem turned out to be shorted wire coming out of rear hub, if they cannot be fixed I guess it will be new motor time, pretty sure now that bike shop musta put tire back on wrong after installing liners.
  3. Any idea what this is from?, Only happens on rear tire
  4. Nice Snake, hey I just got this from Tech Support. (yes I lost the green Plug, grrrr) Grant Galas (SONDORS Electric Bikes) Sep 16, 2021, 1:00 PM PDT Hello Rodney, Thank you for reaching out to us. You would have received a small black end cap with the bike upon delivery. The small cap would have come plugged into the cable that the LCD is now attached to. I will attach some images below showcasing the piece I am referring to and how it is installed. The pictures may not refer specifically to your bike model, they there to showcase the connection and how it is made as SONDORS LCD connections are universal. Follow the instructions below to install the circuit cap (or green cap) onto the bike: What I would like you to do is trace the power cable coming out of the back of the LCD down to its disconnect point. Note that there maybe more than one such cable depending on your model, do not follow any cables that lead to the handlebars. See the below noted locations for your connection point: *For the older (2018 and prior) generations of Fold and Fold X the cable runs under the bike frame to the back, and needs to be pulled out from the small hold under the frame to reveal the disconnect point. *For newer (2019+) Smart Step, Fold and Fold X, the connection is about six to seven inches below the handlebar, between the back of the LCD and where the cable goes into the front of the bike. *If you have an older (2018 and prior) Original, Thin or X, the connector is inside the battery compartment, likely either behind the bullet or triangle battery or running above it. the connection is between the controller and the LCD itself, inside the battery compartment. On newer (2019+) X, XS, MXS or Thin, the cable runs down into the battery compartment and can be accessed inside of there, above the battery where the cables run. There is a small channel for all the cables there, it is amongst the other 3 cables in that channel *The newest (June 2020 or later) Fold XS, XS and MXS have a cable that plugs directly into the back of the LCD itself, on the left side of the back of the LCD if looking at it from the front of the bike. Once you find the connection, unplug the LCD from the cable at its connection point and plug the male (prongs) connection black cap onto the open female (ports) end leading into/under the bike to the controller (The LCD should now be 'free floating', not connected to anything but still mounted on the bike). Ensure the bike's battery is charged and turned 'on' and then test the bike's throttle and pedal assist by riding it at least 3-4 miles. An hour spent now to test the bike thoroughly can save days in the process. We need to know if they work steady with no interruptions or 'breaks' in the power flow to the throttle and PAS. If at any point the bike loses power during the test, stop the test and inform technical support. Please let me know the results of this troubleshoot.
  5. Thanks, and of course Sondors doesn't have parts or a replacement LCD, sad
  6. Thanks, I am pretty sure the cable length is fine, however it was short for awhile (I was playing with mirror & brake positions) which is when problems started, The cable never fully disconnects, not even sure they come off, tried a bunch to remove both (Color LCD KD-718), ordered a new one (not Sondors) any idea on the settings? 'd try the soldiering except I am a bad Hack at best doing that
  7. 1300 miles and my LCD died tonight, so no power for the trip home (ouch) this happened 3 time before and I was able to push the controller wire in and then it would start, this time, nothing any ideas before I buy a new one?
  8. Rodney Volkmar


    Added a modded motorcycle bag to carry spare battery and stuff
  9. Rodney Volkmar

    The Ride

    Simi Valley to Sycamore Beach 49.5 miles round trip yesterday with Mark H (we are both 65 years young) Sore butt is not anything like ice cream.
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