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  1. Amateur hour! This is a pretty benign issue but the other day I let a friend try out the Fold X e-bike and at one point they accidentally tipped the bike over. No damage was done and all is well except that afterward I found this plastic piece (pictured below) on the ground. It doesn't appear broken to me and it hasn't hampered the performance any that I can tell but I am not sure where it belongs or what it is. If somebody could point out to me its name, function and where it belongs on the bike I would be very grateful. Hope all is going well for everyone out there and thank you for your tim
  2. I've resolved the issue and greatly appreciate your response. Means a lot. Thank you so much.
  3. Here are pics of the rounded part I referred to as "screw-thing"
  4. Greetings everyone. I have just received my first Sondors ebike today and I have made a problem for myself. I have never worked on a bike before so if my terminology is inaccurate I hope you'll bear with me. While assembling the bike I was trying to remove the acorn nuts from the front wheel axel to install to the body and while doing so I stripped/rounded the screw-thing that the nuts were on and now I can't retighten them. You can imagine how happy I am with myself. I was wondering what the part was called that needed replacing, if it's easy to find and how difficult is it to fix? Oh a
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