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  2. Good to know. hope this info helps others too. thanks
  3. Fixed! All I did was remove the front axel and put a little WD40 on it and reinstalled. no more chirps
  4. I slightly (about 1/2 a rotation) loosened the motor cut sensor on the right handbrake. Then it worked.
  5. I have a brand new mxs. Working perfectly except for an intermittent sounds like birds chirping coming from the front tire. Thought it might be the brakes out of adjustment but that's not the issue. I removed the brake caliper and spun the tire around and the chirping still comes and goes. Not sure what to do to remedy. Any tips? Is this common?
  6. Success! Thanks for the tip. I just had to slightly adjust the motor cut sensor on the right brake lever and now the bike works perfectly
  7. Just unboxed and assembled MXS. No power to motor. Battery has a good charge and display works. I'm stumped. Thanks
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