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  1. Thanks Reddy, love your bikes, creativity, and humor too. I try to stay with the vendors recommended on this forum vs. saving a few bucks on Aliexpress. The 750w from electrobikeworld is a cassette version 14-28T. Speed isn't very important since 30mph feels like the "safe point" for me on these bikes. On a recent trip to Letchworth Park in upstate NY the 350w motor got noisy on some of the steeper paved road hills and I ended up having to walk the bike up part way. Most of my rides are nice bike trails but I love exploring and there's so many being built around the country with the rails and
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  3. Thank you both Houshmand and Reddy for the great info, experience, and keeping this forum going for us non-FB users. I'm an original Sondors steel frame owner (2 bikes) with over 3000 miles use on the 36 volt system. Upgraded one of the bikes to the 52v battery from electrobikeworld but the 350 watt motor is getting noisy under load or really bad if I apply throttle. I thought it was the nylon gears and replaced them but the noise keeps getting worse. The string that's tied around the circuit board melted but doesn't appear to be the issue for the loud noise under load either. So I ordered the
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