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  1. Press and HOLD Walk mode , with Assist level in anything But 0 👍
  2. Check to Confirm Voltage on your Battery, And your Charger ! 👍
  3. 😞 Yep, it's Done. However, there Are a couple companies that Can Repack the Case with New cells ... I cant recall who, but I'll post them later.
  4. If it's at least 40volts, you should be able to bring it back up again, with about 5 hrs on the appropriate charger . 👍
  5. Use a Digital VOM or Volt Ohmmeter , this will indicate which pins are POS/ negative contacts. The second issue is 12 volts won't be enough to even trickle a charge into it. It's likely a 48volt/ 14ah battery which charges from a 54 volt charger. Also IF the battery has been Drained for a Long period of time, you May not be able to bring it back up again.
  6. Had a Girlfriend who is 5'4" and She has a Fold X and is able to Mount hers with no difficulty ! 😎👍
  7. THANKS Bill, I Wondered where to get those ! One other SONDORS in my area has one, and thought it a pretty slick idea, Plus ordered one of the Display Covers too 😎👍
  8. Not sure how to Categorize this, but the plastic Cap on the right side which Covers the battery power switch On the SONDORS Fold ... Does Anyone have the Link or know the site to Order that Cap which is Attached to cover the hole ? 🤔
  9. Problem Solved ! ... Gel Super glue will secure these Cable grommets in the front of the headset on a Fold XS , but it only takes a couple drops ! 👍
  10. Maybe use some Contact cleaner on the Battery connection to clean any Dirt or debris in the contacts. Then Check voltage Right at the battery. 👍
  11. Live to Ride, Ride to Live !! 😎🤟 Enjoy them !!
  12. Zip Ties for a Long and Bumpy ride, and Coat your Entire bag ESPECIALLY the Zippers with Scotchgard waterproofing spray and repeat a treatment about every 6-8 months ! 😎👍 Two tips which Might be helpful to some, with this bag:. Scotchgard Waterproofing spray works great with these bags, Especially over the Zippers to keep your gear Dry ! Also, some riders have said their bag has come loose on bumps, Try this:. Simply use Small Bunnies thru the plastic rings in the front / rear of the bag to secure it to your Rack ! Problem Solved Meant Bungees lol! 😎👍
  13. BEFORE you make ANY adjustments I Strongly Suggest that you take a Screenshot of your Display of all the Stock settings !! ... Just in you Case you do something in error , That way you can correct it ! 😎👍
  14. Hi Bydie , Very Simple process to get to your Settings menu. Just power up your XS and the Hold the Up and Dn buttons for about 1 Second and that's it !
  15. Anyone ?? If you ride 20 Mph or more, there's a good chance Rain or Humidity can Enter your Frame through these ports if the Grommets don't stay seated !! Has Anyone figured out how to Seal these to prevent Corrosion ?? Thanks !
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