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  1. I want to install a 7 speed freewheel, but there doesn't appear to be enough room for that. Any hints on making it fit?
  2. Y'all have been great. Am I barking up a wrong tree with this DC kit:
  3. Thanks a ton, @Reddy Kilowatt! The bike that I have may be another generation...it says ebike below the logo and I read in these forums that maybe this is a different generation . Do the mods that you posted at that link apply to this bike...
  4. Hello! I just bought a 2017 original/stock Fat Tire Sondors eBike and I wanted to see if any of you have new info on battery, controller and motor upgrades. The last post on this topic was 2018. Are any of you feeling generous with new products/reccommends? Thanks in advance! Steve in SLC, UT
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