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  1. I often use my MTB to ride on the mountant road, so I like to use boots that have steel shank in. They protect my feet from sharp objects on the road. The primary purpose of a steel shank in boots is to protect the wearer’s feet. It helps stabilize the outsoles of a boot so you can walk or run with a good balance while using it during work. They are also a good choice for winter.
  2. There are some ways to stop safety glasses from fogging up. Polish your safety glasses with fog-killing wipes. Spray anti-fog solutions. Try home remedies such as dishwashing liquid or bar soap. Apply a shaving cream. Use defogging sprays. Purchase safety glasses with anti-fog lens coating. Hope these ways can help someone.
  3. OutdoorEssentials winter gloves are very light weight and would work best in >45 degree winter climate. I use them under my short-finger biking gloves and remove them as it warms up. Great price for gloves that work well for touch screen uses and fit nicely inside my other winter gloves for added warmth.
  4. EverBrite headlamps seem of fine quality for the price. I like the adjustability and secure fit of the three band units. Great to have two sets of batteries as well. I'll use them for emergencies so I think that will be fine. I took them hunting. Worked great. Love the multiple light settings and the ability to adjust how high or low you want the light directed.
  5. Althought I know that red tactical headlamps are primarily dedicated to soldiers in training and carrying out missions. These gears are chosen by military personnel for their functionality and convenience. But I still have a question that can I use red headlamp for riding? Hope someone can help me.
  6. I decided to give OTTOLOCK lock a try because I wanted a light and secure lock I could bring with me on long bike trips. It is very small and lightweight and works great too. It's a simple 3 digit combo code that is easy to program and the mechanism works smoothly for locking/unlocking.
  7. I bought IPSXP light to replace a 500 lm Axiom LED light that I lost the bike mount for. The duration was long-lasting, so I don't need to charge it every day, plus, I don't need to buy batteries anymore, I can charge it with USB (it is included in this item). Save me a lot of money from buying batteries.
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