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  1. Althought I know that red tactical headlamps are primarily dedicated to soldiers in training and carrying out missions. These gears are chosen by military personnel for their functionality and convenience. But I still have a question that can I use red headlamp for riding? Hope someone can help me.
  2. I decided to give OTTOLOCK lock a try because I wanted a light and secure lock I could bring with me on long bike trips. It is very small and lightweight and works great too. It's a simple 3 digit combo code that is easy to program and the mechanism works smoothly for locking/unlocking.
  3. I bought IPSXP light to replace a 500 lm Axiom LED light that I lost the bike mount for. The duration was long-lasting, so I don't need to charge it every day, plus, I don't need to buy batteries anymore, I can charge it with USB (it is included in this item). Save me a lot of money from buying batteries.
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