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  1. Contact the guys at 805ebike.com they may have a replacement axle bolt. Otherwise a good machine shop can clean up the stripped threads using tap and die set (you can buy same at Lowe or Home Depot) or use a thread file.
  2. Diagnostic this issue is driving me crazy but a great learning experience. Thank you for the help.
  3. After few tests I think the LCD display is bad. The display was left at stock settings from purchase. The bike ran fine with the shunt plugged into cable that goes to the display. However, when the shunt was removed and the cable was plugged back into the display the bike again lost power after few miles. Another thing that was discovered was the battery indicator bars. The bike was drained down to 3 bars (using the shunt to run the bike). When the bike shut down and was powered back on few hours later it shown full battery (5 bars) yet the battery was never charged. New l
  4. Sondors is sending a shunt so I don’t have to purchase one. Another question - I borrowed a battery from another Fold X. Fully charged it provided power for at least 15 miles (with pedal assist and throttle only). However, when the battery dropped to 4 bars, on the borrowed battery, the LCD shut down and no power from the motor. Why it happened only when the battery dropped to 4 bars?
  5. Thank you. But there is an "oooops!" learnable moment ... I don't have the shunt anymore.
  6. I’m learning about this bike. As such, what is the purpose of disconnect the controller cable and to plug in the LCD shunt? Btw, the battery and motor hub were barely warm to the touch. Thanks for replying.
  7. The Fold X has 280 miles when this power cut off started. Thinking it may be thermal sensor shut off to prevent damage to the battery and motor, I fully charged the battery and rode the bike only in power assist levels 2 and 3 without touching the throttle switch. The bike ran great until the battery dropped from 5 bars to 4 bars. Within 2 to 3 minutes of the dropping down to 4 bars, the LCD screen shut down and no power output from the motor. After few minutes of waiting, I powered up the LCD screen and the battery indicator shown 5 bars. The bike again worked great in PAL 2 and
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