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  1. Just heard from Sondors concerning my LX order. There is such a demand and a long backlog for Tektro hydraulic disc brakes my bike delivery is extended into July. It has been quite a wait but I still look forward to delivery. Getting an update helps ease the anticipation.
  2. Like to know what happened to Kenner's post? Is this forum being censored if you don't like the question! That in itself is questionable .......
  3. Wow.. Such great news. Happy to hear your joy.
  4. Hello, Ordered an LX last October for the February delivery schedule, does any one have any up-date on the build and delivery schedule? I did receive an up-date in February explaining the delay and sort of what to expect. Also, received an offer of a $50.00 certificate but nothing since. I am very patient a willing to wait to get the perfect bike, just wondered if anyone else had similar experience.
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