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  1. You would think that riding on a flat road at the same level of assistance from a complete charge to a dead battery there would be a way that each bar could be set for about the same miles traveled, this is like having a fuel gauge that works for half a tank of gas then the fuel light comes on and you have to guess if you can make it home
  2. I understand how to set each voltage level for each bar , but I’ve tried at least 10 different values for bars and it still will do the same thing it will drop first 3 bars in a normal distance riding in same power level on flat roads but when it gets to two bars you can ride about half the distance as the other bars then goes directly to flashing red it will never just drop second green bar down to one green
  3. I’ve been riding my new mxs and love the bike , but have been trying to figure out the battery meter it has 5 green bars when fully charged When I ride bike bars 5-4-3 seem to drop normal range but when it gets to two bars I can go couple miles and it drops to 1 bar flashing red. I’ve tried all different settings under the set voltage settings. If anyone has a mxs that the battery meter bar goes to one bar green then starts flashing red could you please let me voltage settings
  4. So could someone tell me if I’m on the right track. Power assistance setting 5-24 5= More pedal pressure to start motor and the slow start setting 0= quicker take off. Thanks for any help
  5. Could someone explain to me the difference in setting 5 vs highest 24 is this the amount of pedal travel before assistance kicks in
  6. I would love to see a real manual for the new color lcd display that came on the new mxs, but I have not found one yet. If anyone knows please send me the link
  7. I have the new mxs with color display my question can anyone tell me why the battery indicator goes down to two bars green and then starts flashing red , it never show 1 green bar. I would think that if it is set correctly it would go down to one bar green and then flash red telling you the battery is about dead. Sonders claim they don’t have a complete manual for this display and can’t explain why it does this. Thanks
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