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  1. Thanks again Reddy for your thoughtful and detailed response. I first researched for more detailed specs list but, like you, could not find any. My X is going to be used primarily for snow and trail riding, so my potential upgrades relate to speed, tire protection and overall reliability. I noticed that some folks are swapping out the stock 14-28 freewheel for an 11-28 to give adequate pedal power to reach maximum PAS limits. I’ve also seen some swap outs of the front chainring to a larger cog number to further the effort I just described. I’ve ordered a DNS 11-28 freewheel, but I’d like to
  2. I decided to try further embedding the brake pads by riding on without any adjustments and it seems to have subsided. Oftentimes just riding more covers a multitude of things...Thanks again for the helpful advice!
  3. Does anyone have a link/source with the full detailed specs for the current (2020) Sondors X ? I’m looking at possible upgrades and I would love to see the detailed parts list for easy reference. Thanks for any help with this!!!
  4. Hi Reddy, Thank you for the detailed and helpful response. I think it may be brake chatter because after I posted this I re-inspected the front brake and observed that when the lever is fully actuated in a quick manner the movement/play does not occur, leading me to believe that feathering or partial actuation is causing the chattering movement. I’m going to follow your directions to make sure the brake is correctly adjusted and see if that helps. Also I’ve only had it out for a handful of rides so pad break-in is a factor. PS I did follow the video and thought it was easy to follow and v
  5. I just received my new 2020 Sondors X and I absolutely love it!!! I’ve been out every single day braving the cold because I’m having a lot of fun!!! I have a question/concern however about some movement/play in the front fork or brake whenever I modulate the front lever to stop at higher speeds (>7-8mph). At first I thought maybe the stem or headset needed to be properly tightened up, but after further inspection that doesn’t seem to be the issue. It seems like there’s movement or play in the lower fork or caliper area. I gently torqued all 4 caliper bolts to make sure they were snug enough
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