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  1. I have that model, just without fenders. It would be great if there were photos of the progress on Scott’s post.
  2. Scott C. Kennedy. Is this for a Sondors Thin original model?
  3. My brakes are complete now. I installed the new proper size olives and cut the tubes to length. All tube holders are in and it looks nice and neat now. Thanks for all your help on that. I only need to bleed to brakes now and remove air in them. Onto figuring our that other possibility of upgrading to a three speed. I wish there was a video.
  4. I went to a local bike shop and they sold me the proper olives for the Shimano hydraulic brakes. That link to one that I got the last one from does not fit my new tubes.
  5. Here’s a side by side comparison. Original tube and olive are on the top and left in these images.
  6. It seems that olive and tip are not compatible with my tube. The olive stops at the tip of where the insert ends inside the tube. So I am assuming it needs to be a larger olive. Is there a way to have certainty on what size olive I need for the new hydraulic brakes I have?
  7. Attn Scott CK. Just jumping in on this now. What bike are your upgrades to 3-speed for? I have a Sondors Thin first generation I wish to upgrade to 3-speed.
  8. I received the tube adapters today. The order came with six and I need seven. Go figure. I find that they aren’t really needed as I can tell the tubes have to be cut to shorten them and I could have just ran them through the holes then. I may still do that once I get the repair kit in the mail.
  9. I’ll check that out. My thin came with a 36v 8.7Ah triangle battery and I bought a 36v 10.5 Ah upgrade. It didn’t work much better and took a year to get a replacement.
  10. Holding off on a battery. I just ordered the olives, brake blocks and oil. I have the hydraulic hoses secured temporarily with small zip ties so that I can ride the bike for now. These new larger discs and hydraulic brakes work like a dream. Just slight finger pulls required to stop. I'll have to let the old ones go cheap as the pads are worn and they're dirty. A fork replacement may be in the future. What I would like is a cassette replacement of the single gear sprockets for a multi gear one. Is that even possible on my model? I wouldn't need any new battery if I had more pedal power.
  11. Gotcha. I’ll have to buy a new rack as my old one cracked because it’s hollow and not solid. I’ll look that battery up.
  12. The battery upgrade looks complicated. The link for this convo ends without a conclusion of the end product. So I'm going to wait to see how it goes. I thought to create my own battery using two of the sondors batteries. The two that are identical so that they're compatible. Maybe by that Falcon bag to put it in.
  13. This is the one I was thinking about. I saw a video too, but have lost track of it. https://electrobikeworld.com/products/lt48-48v-14ah-lithium-ion-battery
  14. Heh, I was wondering why I didn’t see a stainless steel cable sticking out the end of the brake, and thought how near that it was tucked in like it was, forgetting that they’re hydraulic and therefor hose lines versus cable sheaths. 🙄😁 I like having the right tools, supplies and other stock and will definitely acquire all of the above. Great thing that the brakes are Shimano and easy to acquire parts for. It will still take to mid March before the hose mount adapters arrive. Slow boat from China. I should have researched that out better.
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