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  1. I hope that’s right and I can use the same one on each. Two returns and another new order just now for it. I have two 180 disks. Looks like Chad did too and his match. Crossing fingers.
  2. I came across a difference with my model. I have to use the same brake adapter for each wheel. As seen in the image of my front brake here, my front fork has a different mounting bracket on it. I returned two other adapter I had, and ordering this one again for the rear wheel. Slowly and steadily. It’s the sporadic shipping of items slowly me down. Cable adapters showing up next.
  3. Ooh, that’s nice and easy. I’m glad I found this forum. Thank you.
  4. Yea, there’s twelve types for twelve different adapters. I’m lucky this works. Have to wait for disc two to arrive. It says February 4. I thinks it’s coming from Taiwan or something. I’ll definitely do the battery upgrade as well. Buy one and keep one Sondors battery, sell the other two.
  5. I have this kind of bracket on my front forks. I come to find that I had three different brackets sent with the pertaining parts. This one fit, but only after figuring it out. The one bracket I received just didn’t work at all for my setup. Just waiting on the rear disc to arrive by February 4 and I can do my rear brake. The front one works marvelously now.
  6. I come to find out this fork does not match my Sondors Thin. Is this a fork with shocks on it?
  7. I will have to take a look at that info on the brake maintenance, but I took the brakes off and apart a few times as well as many adjustments and nothing doing either way. I also though the pads may be wore out because of the sound the brakes have been making recently that didn’t before. I am comfortable with the new brake purchase and like the idea of a hydraulic brake. I will probably do exactly as the post does for a battery upgrade. I have the original and two of the upgrade battery’s from Sondors. I never get more than 20 miles distance out of either on a full charge and my speed gets onl
  8. This is very helpful to me as I am experiencing dangerously bad brakes on my Sondors Thin. I am having to be like Barney Rubble on the Flintstones to stop at intersections and barely making it. I have ordered everything here except the tire for now; as mine are still good. The only thing is I got one disc instead of two, so I ordered another one. That won't arrive until February 4 for some reason. I am also considering the upgrades mentioned here for the battery and rear motor. I'll have to really get what I need to do that. The brakes are priority number one now.
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