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  1. Thanks Reddy, that’s the video I’ve been using. I went for a longer ride today and did get a little bit of travel on the o-ring, so I think the forks are working. I guess the video confused me because when I press down on the handle bars the forks don’t move at all like they do in the video. I’m new to the MXS, so I probably just need to tweak it some. Thanks again for your reply!
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    Sean Henderson

  3. I received my MXS recently and noticed on the first few rides that the suspension fork indicator o-ring didn't move at all from the bottom. I found this video on how to adjust the suspension: https://vimeo.com/372548845 but when I released what I thought was a little bit of air, the fork collapsed. I pumped it back up to the recommended air pressure, but I'm still not getting any movement on the o-ring. Is there another step that I'm missing, or should I attempt to release some of the air again?
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