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  1. Newbie question again. The joys of buying a used bike. Fold XS, 48 V. Unit came with 2 SANS chargers 1). Model SSL.CL 180W-48M. Output 48 v 3.0 A And 2) Model SSL. C300V48-UL. Output 48 V 5.0 A. I assume that the 3A is the original and that the 5A is aftermarket. Are both of these safe to use? I really don’t want to screw up my battery by using the higher amp charger. I am assuming that they are both safe and that they will not overcharge. There seems to be lots of expertise here and eventually I will learn where the correct place to post my questions. I have been spending
  2. Thank you for the video. I had no idea how much pressure went into the shocks, now I do. Now I just need to figure out which display unit I have and how to programme it. Most of the examples I see on here are more or less rectangular but mine is longer than it is tall and has a USB port on the side. I am learning slowly - but learning just the same. Thanks
  3. I just purchased a Fold XS in Torch. My first ebike. I am trying to find information on the pressure range to run in the front fork. Advice please, not finding much. Being -7 C with snow and ice, I have yet to ride it. I have been riding my Trek Navigator III for years but find that I would like to travel further to see more, and since I sold my motorcycle - well here goes! Come on spring!
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