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  2. Thank Reddy for the reply! I read through this manual and did some research on the forum before I posted but couldn’t find anything that matched my display so I thought I would try my luck on this forum.
  3. So, by accident I pressed + and i at the same time on my Smart Step and got the attached screen. The small 5 goes from 1 through 6 and shows different numbers and seems to change the power bar in the main screen. Anyone tell me what I’m messing with?
  4. Below is the reply I got from Sondors: Sean (SONDORS Electric Bikes) Jan 4, 2021, 4:50 PM PST Hello, The part pictured you sent over is just packing material which you could discard. Should you have further questions let us know. Sean Tech support/Parts dept
  5. Thanks for the reply! I spent a couple hours looking through videos and the forum for info and found nothing on them. I am totally assuming that they are foot pegs based on the non-slip dimples. They just don’t seem to fit correctly. I have a request in to the techs and will post.
  6. Could not find info on these that came in the parts box with the Smart Step. Do they attach to the front forks or back? Doesn't seem to fit properly.
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