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  1. That makes no difference. Thanks for helping. Both of your tests were very logical. Since the failure occurred with a manual acceleration surge of under 1 second, I am thinking controller or its male plug or battery corresponding female plug. Hopefully Sondors will get in on this pretty soon. I considered ordering a controller at my expense, but they do not appear to be available. Thanks again.
  2. It acts just like the fuse is blown, but it's not. I have power at the 4 terminals at the battery output, 2 pos and 2 neg, but no power to the red and black wires from the battery to the controller. When I unplug the controller and set it on the bench, I have continuity with each pin to its corresponding power wire, but plugging it to the battery gives no power to the controller hot feed. It's as if the plug pins and terminals lose their connectivity when loaded. Which makes no sense since there are 4 of them. And, with the controller on the bench with nothing connected to any input or o
  3. sondors X delivered in August. Bike has 5.8 miles from 1 short ride. I charged the battery yesterday and started a ride this morning. I checked out the gears and power level 1 and 2 over a couple of blocks. I then pushed the lever for total electric power, it surged ahead, I released it, and had no more power anywhere, including main display. I returned home and plugged in the charger. After 10 minutes charging, it showed the green charging completed light. Still no power. It acts as if a main breaker or fuse tripped, but I don't see one.
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